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18th Ramadan: (Text + Video) Speech by Leader of the Revolution Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi, on Palestinian Latest Developments, Updates, in English (1445 A.H., 28th of March, 2024)


18th Ramadan: (Text + Video) Speech by Leader of the Revolution Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi, on Palestinian Latest Developments, Updates, in English (1445 A.H., 28th of March, 2024)

I seek refuge in Allah from Shaytan, the outcast.

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.

Praise is to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. I believe that there is no god but Allah, the Sovereign and the Manifest Truth, and that Muhammad, our master, is His servant, Messenger, and Last Prophet.

O Allah, confer Your salat and blessings upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad as You conferred Your salat and blessings upon Ibrahim and the Family of Ibrahim. You are Owner of Praise, Owner of Glory! And be pleased with Muhammad's good companions and all Your righteous servants and mujahidin.

Brothers and sisters, peace be upon you and the mercy of Allah and His blessings.

May Allah (Glory be to Him) accept our fasting, nights of worship, and good deeds.

Allah (Glory be to Him) says in the Holy Quran, {'Because of that, We decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land, it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one, it is as if he had saved mankind entirely. And Our messengers had certainly come to them with clear proofs. Then indeed many of them, [even] after that, throughout the land, were transgressors'}[Al-Ma'idah 5:32].

At the end of the sixth month, for half a year, for twenty-five weeks, and for one hundred and seventy-four days, the Israeli enemy continues to commit acts of genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza. The number of massacres has reached more than two thousand nine hundred and fifty, with more than fifty-eight massacres occurring just this week. The number of martyrs and missing persons has exceeded forty thousand. The total number of martyrs, missing persons, wounded people, and captives in Gaza and the West Bank has surpassed one hundred twenty-eight thousand five hundred Palestinians. The numbers regarding the missing and martyrs, in reality, are even higher than these numbers, as the statistics are not very accurate.

These staggering numbers of massacres, this terrible criminality, and this violation are committed against human souls that belong to you, O Muslims, and to you, O humans. These souls are part of you; they have their human feelings and senses. They are oppressed and attacked; their land is occupied, and those savage Zionist criminals kill them without regard for any sanctity, whether for a child, a woman, a patient, an elderly person, or a young person. They kill them in their homes, in the streets, and in hospitals. They chase after children, seeking to kill them, even into daycare rooms, and the displaced into tents and displacement areas. These Zionist criminals commit various forms of genocide against them [the Palestinians], through direct brutal and cold-blooded killing, starvation, thirst, and epidemics.

The tragedy grows, and the crimes become more brutal every day, while the arrogant Zionist killer becomes more determined, aggressive, ruthless, and bloodthirsty. Alongside that, its barbaric and bankrupt (both politically and humanely) American partner also increases in recklessness and audacity. Their determination to support and protect that criminality grows stronger.

With all of that, responsibility increases on Muslims before others, and then on the rest of the peoples in human society. What is happening in Gaza is a disgrace to all humanity. It is a warning to everyone about the Zionist danger and the savage American colonial tendency, which has no consideration for any boundaries or rights, threatening all humanity. They could do what they are doing in Palestine to any other Muslim or non-Muslim country.

That is Israel, O sons of our Ummah and peoples of the world. That is the true face of those criminals, the true ugly and dark face of America and Israel. Are those Abrahamites, as some of the hypocritical proxies have presented them? Those criminals, occupiers, and murderers, who show no mercy towards children, women, or bedridden patients in hospitals and who violate the blood and honour of millions of people, saying they are just animals so they oppress them and deprive them of even food and water—based on that brutal view they have, is it appropriate that they are called Abrahamites as their proxies have wanted to convince the peoples of our Ummah with that falsehood, which has indeed been exposed with that terrible crime?

As for the criminal Zionist murderers, we tell them not to rejoice in these crimes, for they will surely hasten your inevitable demise, with which Allah has threatened you in His previous Scriptures (the Torah and the Gospel), as He has done in the Holy Quran. You will not last for long; you are occupiers, and that blood is a curse upon you and will sweep you away from the land of Palestine. Furthermore, the coming generations will not forget that injustice; instead, it will be engraved in their consciousness, and taking revenge from you for those oppressed, enmity towards you, and wrath upon you flows like blood in the veins of all free people.

As for the Americans, who plan and are a partner and supporter, we say to them it is true that they are criminals and murderers, that they are the most to practice terrorism, and that they have the largest criminal record in this world, but the era of taking control, colonizing, subjugating peoples, and enslaving them through extermination and intimidation to make people surrender is over. You have to look a little back in history to remember what happened to you in Vietnam, Iraq, and other countries. You are in a bigger predicament in this battle, and your loss is significant. You sacrifice the interests of your people in serving the Zionists and Zionism, and you are enduring damages that you will not be able to compensate for decades. If you persist, the consequences will be worse, bigger, and more dangerous. You will inherit the disappointment and defeat once experienced by Britain, which is a colonizing guide that guides [only] to disappointments, defeats, and failure.

As for Israel, your unlawful child, which you planted in our region to humiliate and colonize our peoples, its army is now facing a historical scandal. Despite the heinous criminality committed against women and children, it fails over the course of half a year and is unable to even present an image of military victory in the narrowest geographical area in the history of wars and battles. Its army engaged in a fierce battle for five consecutive hours and needed helicopter and drone support against one Palestinian hero in occupied Ramallah. Only one Palestinian inflicted harm on Israeli soldiers and settlers for nearly half a day! This is its cowardly army terrified by the image of a rifle drawn on the shirt of a Palestinian child! Are these signs of longevity or inevitable demise? And do you bet on that army to subjugate the peoples of the region, numbering in the millions, and among them are peoples armed with faith, determination, and means of combat?!

This is in regard to the monstrous criminal situation created by the military machine.

As for the siege and famine resulting from the Zionist aggression, the crimes of targeting the hungry in aid distribution centers continue. The Kuwait Roundabout has become a stage for the commission of these crimes that happen every week. This week tens were martyred and injured there. Likewise, in this week alone, the number of those who were martyred due to the humiliating method of dropping aid (which even drops too few aid) through aircraft, has reached eighteen martyrs. This number includes martyrs who drowned in the sea while chasing the aid that was thrown into the depths of the water, and others due to the stampede over the very limited quantities. This presents the clearest picture that gives a firm knowledge of America, its moral decadence, and its humanitarian bankruptcy.

We emphasize that these acts are not incidental or one-off events and rather come as they are rather part of deliberate and planned efforts by the Americans—that is, their insistence on this humiliating method of dropping aid. The Americans coordinate with the Israelis on the ground to kill the people in those places to which aid is dropped. They kill them in other places, as well. Some are killed with the aid that is falling on them, which has turned into a means of killing the Palestinian people.

In a despicable and vile way, the Americans also seek to sow discord among those who are hungry, as they scramble for the little aid provided. That is why they drop very small amounts of aid on large numbers of the hungry people: They intend to sow animosity among them towards one another and make them fight over it [the aid].

This is America's ugly nature; this is its view of human beings. These savage practices bring down the flimsy walls that the munafiqin and the deceived intend to erect to block the consciousness of people so that they do not see the truth about America's criminal brutality, the killer of peoples and nations. They [the munafiqin] have been trying for decades to deceive our peoples, through promoting America as a state of human rights, a state that takes care of the rights of cats, while it exterminates entire nations of human beings, from the descendants of Adam. Its actions in Gaza must cause an awakening in the consciousness of the peoples and dismantle the falsehood surrounding it, as well as its proxies.

They [the Americans] also prevented the entry of food to people there except in very small amounts through land corridors. These corridors can allow for sufficient aid. They also prevented the entry of shipments of animal feed, which the people used to benefit from when food ran out completely.

As for the displaced people and their suffering, the enemy puts the displaced civilians between the options of death by starvation, epidemics, or murder. The world has witnessed the enormity of the Zionist crimes against the displaced, including what was documented by video of four Palestinians in Khan Yunis, who were driven by hunger to search for food for their children and families. An Israeli drone tracked them down and killed three of them in cold blood. When the fourth person survived, but with wounds, the Israeli drone chased him and directly targeted him with a missile, which killed him in the same way.


Yesterday, we also saw what the media reported about the heinous crime committed by the Israeli enemy against the Palestinians who tried to return to their homes in northern Gaza after they were stranded and suffered deteriorating conditions the displacement areas. We saw how the forces of the Israeli enemy executed some of them in cold blood and from a point-blank range, despite they were unarmed, were making pleas and waving white flags, and were coming from the street that the enemy forces declared as safe for the passage of the displaced. They [the Israeli forces] killed them, and a bulldozer swept away their bodies in a humiliating way and buried them amidst the garbage. That was all in front of other people who were detained and persecuted by the enemy.

All the displaced people (in Gaza) are suffering from hunger, and are also targeted by bombing, in addition to suffering from epidemics. They are about two million. In Rafah, families are crowded together in camps, where the smallest gathering contains between eighty and ninety families. And epidemics spread amidst these overcrowded camps, and there is nothing called a 'safe zone' in the vocabulary of the Zionist enemy. It declares a safe zone, and when people gather in it, it targets them, as happened this week in the Al-Mawasi camp in the southwest of the Strip. The enemy shelled this camp, resulting in the martyrdom of ten children and women, with their bodies being charred. The Israeli enemy also launched an airstrike on a house sheltering displaced people in northern Rafah, leading to the martyrdom of nineteen individuals, including nine children.

As for the health situation, for the second week in a row, the Israeli enemy continues to storm and besiege the Al-Shifa Medical Complex. At the beginning of the aggression against Gaza, this complex witnessed a real catastrophe and a great tragedy for the patients, the staff, the families, and the displaced people there. The Israeli enemy has once again created a new tragedy, burning homes in its vicinity in an ongoing criminal operation that has been going on for eleven days now.

This week, among the most horrific crimes committed by the Zionist criminals in the hospital and its surroundings, Zionist enemy soldiers executed thirteen children by directly firing at them in Al-Shifa Medical Hospital and its surroundings, as documented by the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Observatory. In another heinous incident, the Israeli enemy ran over some patients in the vicinity of the hospital with tanks, after they were displaced by the enemy soldiers who stormed the hospital.

One case, documented in the media, involved a disabled orthopedic patient whom those criminals forced to leave the hospital, burdened by his disability where a tank present in the vicinity of the hospital ran him over. The videos showed the tracks of the tank's chains, and how he was trying to escape from it by crawling, while one of his feet was already in a cast. The tank ran over him without the slightest bit of mercy or consideration for his condition, and only half of his body remained, bearing witness to the brutality of the crime.

The enemy also continues to besiege doctors, patients, and displaced people inside the medical complex, depriving them of food. It has set fire to the vascular surgery department and has detained hundreds of patients and their companions, as well as dozens of healthcare workers.

The Israeli enemy also has begun targeting Al-Amal Hospital in Khan Yunis since last Sunday. It has made hospitals primary targets for its brutal and criminal attacks. It is besieging it, conducting excavations around it, and forcing many medical staff, patients, and displaced persons to leave. Also, it has once again targeted the Nasser Medical Complex with a similar military attack.

As for the level of destruction and devastation of infrastructure, most of the buildings in the Gaza Strip have been ravaged due to the relentless and savage bombardment carried out by the Israeli enemy for six months and due to the large quantity of highly destructive American bombs. The Israeli enemy destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes and devastated most of the mosques, schools, universities, and government buildings.

Additionally, it deprives the residents of water. Gaza is a coastal city, and the available water in the coastal basin is salty, with no pure groundwater available. Therefore, people used to rely on getting water from neighboring areas in the occupied Palestinian territories. With the ongoing aggression and blockade, the average citizen in the Gaza Strip can barely obtain one liter of water per day. In northern areas of the Gaza Strip, even three liters of clean water are no longer available. As a result, the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip suffer from severe water shortages, leading to thirst and dehydration, in addition to suffering from hunger.

The Israeli enemy also relentlessly seeks and with various methods to sow discord between the mujahidin in the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian tribes in the Strip, especially regarding the distribution of the very little aid that reaches the Strip. However, its attempts have failed due to the steadfastness of these tribes in their position that embraces the resistance, in their awareness, and in their insight.

The Israeli enemy continues its crimes against all segments of the Palestinian people: men, women, children, the elderly, the young, and mothers. According to statistics from the Palestinian Red Crescent, thirty-seven mothers are killed every day in the Gaza Strip, and the Israeli enemy deprives captive mothers of their children.

This multifaceted criminality, in all its forms, the Israeli enemy continues to excel in and reach the worst levels unparalleled in other parts of the world by any human society—despite all this criminality, destruction, devastation, and siege, the [Israeli] enemy also continues to fail, having achieved no semblance of victory in its aggression on the Gaza Strip. Its failure and defeat persist. It is also a failure for the Americans, who are a partner of the Israeli enemy in the genocide, comprehensive destruction, and savage aggression on the Gaza Strip. Nevertheless, the steadfastness of the mujahidin in the Gaza Strip continues on all fronts. They constantly inflict losses on the enemy forces, causing deaths and injuries, and they also continue to target their vehicles.

After the [Israeli] enemy celebrated what it imagined to be the depletion of the mujahidin's rocket inventory, it was surprised by a new missile strike, with eight rockets launched from Gaza, from areas the enemy had previously claimed to control, targeting Ashdod.

As part of its failure and defeat, The [Israeli] enemy also faces a crisis in conscription, which is a clear witness to its major failure. This is an ongoing crisis among sectors of Israelis, including categories that harbour the most animosity towards the Palestinian people, Muslims, and Arabs in general, but are also the most cowardly. It is not a lack of animosity that drives them to evade conscription, as their animosity is immense. However, it is fear and cowardice. The Israelis attempt to rely on a strategy of comprehensive killing and committing extremely heinous crimes to portray an alternative image to direct combat with the mujahidin in Gaza.

Another indication of the enemy's failure and defeat is the ongoing reverse migration from Palestine, with Zionist Jews fleeing from there as part of a continuous trend. Additionally, there's a reluctance among those who have previously left to return to Palestine, according to Israeli information circulated by Israeli media, stating that most Israelis abroad do not intend to return to Palestine.

The enemy also failed regarding the issue of captives, and the problem has become an internal issue in protests and demonstrations by their families. Instead of agreeing to halt the aggression, which would entail a solution involving a captive exchange, it insisted on obtaining prisoners through its savage aggressive attack and committing genocides, without any exchange deal or ceasefire. However, it failed in that regard.

In terms of economic losses, the enemy's economic losses are continuously escalating. Hezbollah's operations had a significant impact on the enemy's factories in northern occupied Palestine. Most of the workers there fled and production decreased by about 70%. This adds to the costs of war, the costs of aggression, and the consequences of such costs and this aggression, which affect all sectors. This is not to mention disrupting the port of Umm Al-Rashrash, which the enemy calls 'Eilat', and its impact on its economic situation, as well as the obstruction of its trade across the Red Sea and the Bab Al-Mandeb Strait and the impact of that on its economic situation.

The situation in which Israel finds itself—despite its criminality, aggression, and savagery, and despite the support and partnership it receives from America and some Western countries—is a state of disappointment and failure. The former chief of staff of the enemy Moshe Ya'alon summarized their current state by saying that there is no doubt that Israel is facing its most dangerous crisis since its establishment, and that they are witnessing the most serious failure in their history. He also said that they are now heading towards a dangerous direction that threatens the existence of Israel, including internal strife.

Regarding the fronts supporting the Palestinian people and their mujahidin, Hezbollah continues to operate on its direct front that affects the Israeli enemy, and it inflicts daily losses on the Israeli enemy, its forces and equipment. That is in addition to causing economic losses and displacement of the herds of the occupying settlers from those settlements in the northern parts of occupied Palestine. Hezbollah usually announces the results of its direct, impactful, devastating operations against the enemy.

In terms of our front in Yemen, in the Battle of the Promised Victory and the Sacred Jihad, in support of the Palestinian people and their heroic mujahidin, with Allah's bounty and the success he grants, it is an active, ongoing, effective front. As we are in the blessed month of Ramadan, the month of Jihad, it is a blessing from Allah and by His grace that our dear people are the ones who carry the banner of Jihad, which their noble fathers and ancestors carried on the Day of Criterion in the great Battle of Badr and that their position today and in this stage is an extension of the positions of their noble fathers and early ancestors in the early days of Islam, when the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&F) said to the Muslims who accompanied him from the Muhajirin [emigrants] and the Ansar [supporters], 'Consult me, O people.' That is because he intended for them to participate out of their own free will and choosing and to move in the path they believe in, not out of embarrassment. He said to them, 'Consult me, O people.' Then Sa'd ibn Mu'adh said, 'By Allah, it is as if you want us, O Messenger of Allah,' meaning the Ansar. The Messenger replied, 'Yes'. He then said, 'We have believed in you, believed you, testified that what you have brought is the truth, and given you our pledge and covenants to listen and obey. So lead us, O Messenger of Allah, to what you desire. By the One who sent you with the truth, if you were to march with us into this sea'—referring to the Red Sea—'we would surely follow you, without a single man among us staying behind. We do not dislike being with you when you encounter our enemy tomorrow. We are patient in times of war and truthful in times of encounter. Perhaps Allah will show you through us what will please your eyes. So lead us with the blessings of Allah.'

We hope and pray that Allah (Glory be to Him) shows His Prophet (PBUH&F) through what our people do in this battle what pleases him and what brightens the faces of our people on the Day of Resurrection, the day of meeting with the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&F): {'On the Day [some] faces will turn white and [some] faces will turn black'}[Ali 'Imran 3:106].

We hope and pray to Allah that the honourable positions of Jihad our dear people take are among the means of receiving great divine honour on the Day of Resurrection, when people will be removed from the pool of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&F) as they are in a state of extreme thirst so that the people of Yemen go forth to be the first to drink before others, as mentioned in narrations of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&F).

Our dear people, who have carried the banner of Jihad and engaged themselves in a comprehensive position in this blessed month (which is the month of fasting, the month of the Quran, and the month of Jihad), is ongoing on their movement at all levels.

At the level of military operations, ten operations have been carried out this week, involving a total of 37 ballistic missiles, winged missiles, and drones. Nine ships have been targeted, bringing the total number of targeted ships to 86 ships, linked to the Israeli enemy, America, and Britain. This is an important and significant number that has a profound impact on the enemy. As we mentioned last week, the enemy's movement, because of that, has become rare, and they are attempting to use camouflage to the maximum extent possible and have resorted to misleading through false information and through media outlets, attempting to carry out operations resembling smuggling operations to facilitate the movement of their ships in the sea. However, they are failing, and the attacks are effective (All praise be to Allah, the Lord of all worlds).

Furthermore, a missile strike operation was carried out using winged missiles towards Umm Al-Rashrash against targets belonging to the Israeli enemy, in what they call Eilat. Thanks to Allah, the impact of the military operations in the sea and in Palestine and the enemy's failure to stop these operations are a clear matter, which the enemy, its officers, and its media outlets acknowledge. It is a great blessing that Allah has granted success to an action that has an impact on the enemy; it affects it, especially its economic situation, which holds significant importance and on which it depends even in its military aggression.

An admission made by an Israeli newspaper states that not a single car was unloaded at the port of Eilat during the period from January to February 2024—they heavily relied on it in terms of exporting and importing cars. An official at the port of Eilat commented on the port's malfunction and the overall situation in the city, saying that job opportunities and tourism in Eilat are dead and that they wish to know when this situation would end. And we tell him, so that he and others may know, to stop their aggression and crimes in the Gaza Strip and lift the blockade on Gaza. This is the only solution, and there is no alternative solution whatsoever.

Likewise, a former officer in the United States Marine Corps speaks about the situation the United States Navy is facing as a result of its aggression in protecting Zionist criminality and supporting the Israeli enemy against our country. In an article, he stated, 'The US Navy has not reached that level of humiliation since [the early days of the war on the Barbary pirates in] the 19th century. The US Navy/Marine Corps power projection capability is at its lowest since December 7, 1941.'

This illustrates how bad the state of the United States Navy is, which is a result of American obstinacy. The Americans, instead of accepting the correct and fair solution that even aligns with what the West says about rights, humanitarian aspects, and the such of things—which is to stop crimes of genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza, to end the blockade, and to allow food and medicine to reach the Palestinian people in Gaza—instead of that, they obstinate and head towards directly participating in the criminality there, supporting and participating in various forms, as well as in carrying out aggression against our country. This has trapped them in a real predicament. At the military level, the reality of the US Navy is the one they themselves speak of: humiliation they have not experienced since before World War II; a state of concern, fear, turmoil; and a state of disgrace, as well as constant anxiety, worry, and fear. Indeed, they have put themselves in a state of being targeted. They are the ones who got themselves into that predicament. Why? It is all for the sake of serving the Zionists.

They also suffer at the economic level in America and Britain. They have entangled themselves in this problem, along with the Israeli enemy: the problem of rising commodity prices, high shipping and insurance costs, and shortages of certain goods, as well as the inability to export to some countries in the Eastern regions, in Asia. They have brought this upon themselves due to their obstinacy. Despite admissions of failure and frustration by some American officers, acknowledging the magnitude of the predicament they are in, they do not provide the proper advice to their leadership to seek a solution to the root of the problem, which is ending the aggression and blockade on Gaza. Although they all share in the frustration, some of them express opinions that call for further involvement, oblivious to the fact that the predicament they are currently in (their failure and setbacks) is still limited to direct military confrontation with a part of our armed forces: the naval forces and missile and drone forces. They should imagine their situation if they were to engage in any ground attack, facing hundreds of thousands of those standing-ready heroes, mujahidin, who are supported by millions of tough men who are eager for direct combat and seek justice for the oppressed in Gaza and retribution for the crimes committed by America against the Yemeni people over the past years.

Similarly, Britain is in a very bad position, aligning itself as a submissive follower of America and also being one of the tools used by the Zionists. With regard to the situation of the British navy, they, just like the Americans, admit suffering fear, failure, constant turmoil, perpetual tension, constant worry, and enormous financial costs. Therefore, they make statements in their media and report about one of the British destroyers, the British destroyer HMS, saying that they face missiles launched from Yemen at speeds exceeding three times the speed of sound. In other words, they are unable to shoot down or intercept these missiles. The commander of that destroyer says that Yemenis are currently using more advanced and deadly weapons in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. And so they also complain about the magnitude of their concern, fear, and their inability to prevent such missiles from reaching their targets. They also report about the same destroyer, about the officers on board and their commanders, that it has not shot down any Yemeni missiles. That is, it has failed to shoot down any missiles targeting it. They also say about that same destroyer that it had faced a deadly attack with a large number of drones, described by the ship's electronic warfare director as an attack by a large swarm that had rapidly escalated. They also report about their situation there, stating that the pace of operations is challenging in the Red Sea, and the levels of concentration are exhausting—they are fatigued, tired and in a bad situation—and that they are constantly working in a tense state. Their situation is bad!

This is not to mention the continuous impact on their economic situation, as prices remain high: the prices of shipping, insurance, and goods. Some certain goods are affected; however, we will leave the details in this regard, as they are numerous, to the media. Despite all of this and instead of abandoning their intransigence, the Americans continue to go down the same path. It is a state of blindness to persist in their aggression against our country and bombardment from the air and sea. This week alone has witnessed 13 airstrikes and naval shelling. Yet, like the previous ones, they are unsuccessful, as they cannot limit the capabilities of our armed forces, nor can they influence our decision to continue supporting the Palestinian people. They cannot lead to anything in that regard, except for one outcome that we affirmed at the beginning of their aggression against our country: They will inadvertently contribute to the development of our military capabilities.

The enemy also continues to incite the coalition and mercenaries, seeking to get them involved. It also persists in distorting the position of our dear people and our country, a position that is an honourable, full-fledged position and rises to the level of responsibility. It attempts to tarnish it through media campaigns, including smear campaigns on social media platforms. Israeli committees participate in these campaigns, using various Arabic dialects. Some committees are active on social media platforms using the Egyptian dialect, others using Gulf dialects, some using Yemeni dialects, and so on. They use local Arabic dialects, and their mouthpieces align with these campaigns aimed at distorting the Palestinian position itself, the position of the mujahidin in Palestine, and any position that supports them. This is part of the enemy's strategy. Some Arab media outlets have exposed these facts: the activities carried out by Israeli committees in Arabic dialects. Unfortunately, some of their mouthpieces immediately align with them because of their deep-seated malice, grudges, irresponsibility, and lack of concern for the Palestinian people, as well as their constant focus on disputes and their pursuit of doing anything against the Yemeni people. Some of them may even be Yemeni mercenaries who do not respect their own people or their honourable position, a position that keeps one's head up and is a source of immense pride. However, they still slander their own people and align with Israeli, American, and British propaganda campaigns!

Also, the enemy continues to use the humanitarian situation to exert pressure. It is well known the measures it has taken to deprive the Yemeni people of the assistance that used to come through the United Nations. Despite all of this, our people persist, and none of these hostile actions by the Americans, the British, and their proxies affect their position. They continue their efforts within the framework of mobilization and relevant activities on a large scale, expressing the vitality of this people, their sense of responsibility, their humanity, and their living conscience. Thousands of evenings and seminars are held, but we won't go into the details, as well as the million-person demonstrations.

 The million-man demonstrations last Friday (the second Friday of the blessed month of Ramadan) were great, significant, and honourable demonstrations. We witnessed 154 major marches in provinces and directorates. As we mentioned before, there is no equivalent to this massive popular movement in any Islamic country, neither in the Arab world nor elsewhere, nor in any country in the world. Although there are demonstrations in some countries, even in European countries, some Arab countries lack any tangible and clear popular activity, whether in the form of demonstrations, marches, or protests. The reason for this can be attributed to their governments, leaders, and rulers who play a negative role in suppressing their people and preventing any movement. The situation has become very bad in some countries and among some peoples. Instead, the door is kept open for people to move in the opposite direction, the direction of aligning with the Israeli enemy, both in the media and in some activities, including corrupting and resistance-weakening activities against peoples.

The turnout of our dear people embodies, as we have reiterated, what the Messenger (PBUH&F) said about this people: 'The belief is that of the Yemenites, and sagacity is that of the Yemenites.' Their taking to the streets is driven by their faith, their sense of responsibility, and their living conscience, as they empathize with the suffering and the unparalleled tragedy faced by the Palestinian people. By the grace of Allah, their turnout is an honourable one.

Additionally, in the face of the immense, very horrible Zionist criminality committed against the Palestinian people, which is extremely heinous and of a tremendous magnitude, and in the face of the magnitude of the tragedy of the Palestinian people, the responsibility becomes much greater in taking serious action through performing jihad, taking a position, and exerting efforts in all fields. As we are in the blessed month of Ramadan, where there is a greater inclination towards reciting the Holy Quran than ever before, when reciting the book and the verses of Allah, one of the direct effects on those influenced by the Quran is the revival of a sense of responsibility. It also serves as a reminder of the position we must take and [as a reminder] to remember the accountability and rewards on the Day of Resurrection, which increases our attentiveness, seriousness, awareness, and desire to engage in deeds through which we gain the pleasure of Allah, the Almighty. Simultaneously, it keeps us away from the displeasure of Allah, the Almighty.

When we recite the verses of Allah, we recite in the Holy Quran the verses in which Allah commands us to strive for His cause in Surah Al-Baqarah, Ali 'Imran, An-Nisa, Al-Ma'idah, Al-Anfal, At-Tawbah, and Al-Hajj. If we do not take action to support the Palestinian people in such immense oppression, when will we ever move? If we do not raise the banner of Jihad in the path of Allah (the Almighty) against the Zionist Israeli, American, and British tyranny and criminality, then against whom and when will we strive, take action, and revive this great sacred obligation?

There is no doubt that inaction in such circumstances is extremely dangerous for a person. It is dangerous for his religion. Allah will not accept any of his good deeds, including his Salat, fasting, Zakat, Hajj, or any other good deeds because he is far from Taqwa: Allah says: {'Allah only accepts from those who are muttaqin'}[Al-Ma'idah 5:27].

In the face of such extremely tremendous oppression against the Palestinian people and in the face of the horrific, heinous, unparalleled atrocities committed by the Israeli enemy, if a person reaches a point where he shows no concern towards that, then how could he ignore the more than five hundred verses in the Holy Quran about Jihad in the path of Allah with wealth, self, blades [meaning weapons], and tongue? How could one ignore those verses that command us to enjoin what is good, forbid what is evil, and take a position against injustice, tyranny, and criminality? What is the person's position regarding them?

One might face very serious consequences [for that]. Therefore, if a person reaches a point where he does not have a position whatsoever, a contribution, or any level of action within his capacity—as we mentioned earlier, in some countries, people can, along with constant supplication, boycott American and Israeli goods; those who have media activity can contribute through media; and those who are able to donate can make donations. It is essential to be within the framework of a position. Indeed, it is extremely dangerous for a person not to have any position. In countries where greater opportunities for taking a position arise, the responsibility becomes greater, though it is a great blessing, too.

As we mentioned in previous lectures and speeches, one of the great blessings upon us in our country is that we have conducive conditions to a comprehensive position, so we carry the banner of Jihad on the military arena, fighting the enemies of Allah and the enemies of humanity. We fight them directly at the military level, utilizing the currently available means, such as bombardment with missile and unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as the operations of the naval forces with their suitable means they have for that. We couldn't transport hundreds of thousands of mujahidin to directly participate in Gaza and to confront the enemy due to the geographical barriers between us and the enemy, as well as the refusal of some countries to open land passages for our people to pass through so as to join and confront the Israeli enemy and to directly participate and support the Palestinian people. However, we have the opportunity to utilize missiles, drones, and naval forces—with these important means—and to support these operations at the popular level—that is, to express support, to be highly present in the squares, and also to weekly take to the streets in millions, which is a significant and important action that integrates with military operations, financial donations, boycotting American and Israeli goods, and media activity. Media activity is an extremely important front, where those who earnestly strive at the media level stand to support the Palestinian people and to counter the campaigns of the enemies who support the Israeli enemy, which are a part of the Israeli enemy's aggression against the Palestinian people. The integration in the position is a great blessing and a tremendous honour: {'This is the favour of Allah. He grants it to whoever He wills'}[Al-Ma'idah 5:54]. This has been made possible for our dear people as a fruit of their sacrifices and efforts in the past. Also, their revolutionary, freedom-seeking movements in all previous stages have helped them enjoy such conductive conditions, which are not usually conductive to many people.

In some countries, if some Muslims or Arabs were to take to the streets in some Arab capitals to chant in support of the Palestinian people and express their solidarity with them, they could be arrested, imprisoned, or killed. This is possible in some Arab countries.

To have the opportunity in our country to move freely and proudly [in this direction] is a great blessing and honour. At the same time, it poses a great responsibility. It is not befitting for anyone to be negligent or to shirk from taking action within the framework that Allah has prepared for a person to keep himself sin-free so as not to contribute through his silence and complete disregard for the crimes taking place there. That is because if a person reaches the point of complete ignorance towards what is happening there, remains silent and indifferent, and does not participate [in supporting the Palestinian people] with anything, he becomes a partner in creating that tragedy and an assistant to the Israeli enemy in its atrocities. That is because it has also benefited from the silence of the silent, the complicity of the complicit, and the negligence of the negligent, which has been a part of its aggression against the Palestinian people and the tragedy endured by the Palestinian people. Indeed, the Palestinian people have been affected by two major factors: the significant negligence by their Arabian and Islamic surrounding, except for rare exceptions, and also the actions of the Israelis and their aggression and criminality.

In fact, one of the great blessings upon our dear people, especially during these blessed days that witnessed the Battle of Badr and the Conquest of Makkah, is that our people are active and continue to follow the hnourable legacy of their noble forefathers and ancestors (the mujahidin whom Allah called the Ansar) and also that they continue carrying their [Ansar's] banner and fighting in their battle. That is because it is the battle of Islam, of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&F), and of the Quran against that tyranny and enemy. The enemies are an extension of the tyranny of polytheism, disbelief, and criminality. Our people's battle in support of the Palestinian people is indeed an extension of the battle fought by their noble forefathers and ancestors, and the banner is the same banner of Islam, of the Quran, and of Jihad.

Therefore, on these blessed days—on the anniversary of the great Battle of Badr (the Day of Criterion) and the Conquest of Makkah—and as a tribute to the position of our forefathers (the Ansar) at the dawn of Islam, I call upon our dear people with the call of Allah, Who says in His Holy Book, {'O you who have believed, respond to Allah and to the Messenger when he calls you to that which gives you life'}[Al-Anfal 8:24], and Who says, {'O believers! Patiently endure, persevere, stand on guard, and be mindful of Allah, so you may be successful'}[Ali 'Imran 3:200]. I also call upon you with the call of Allah's Messenger (PBUH&F), with which he called your forefathers and ancestors, and to which Sa'd ibn Mu'adh replied, 'at your service, O Messenger of Allah', and Al-Miqdad (who was one of your forefathers and ancestors who were mujahidin with the Messenger of Allah) also replied, 'at your service, O Messenger of Allah'; they all said, 'lead us with the blessings of Allah.' And I call upon you with the call of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, those stationed there, and with the wounds, suffering, and oppression of the Palestinian people. I call upon you, our dear people, to participate in the honourable demonstration tomorrow (Allah willing) on the third Friday of the blessed month of Ramadan, in Sana'a and other provinces, according to the approved arrangements and designated squares.

My hope in you is incredibly great. With fasting, the fasting of the month of Ramadan, and during these blessed days, the reward is multiplied, and drawing closer to Allah (Glory be to Him) is more attainable. You are the people of faith, the people who seek drawing close to Allah (Glory be to Him), and the people of loyalty, steadfastness, courage, chivalry, and manhood. Therefore, my hope in you is to be present tomorrow and your voice to be heard throughout the world, as it was in the past weeks.

We ask Allah (Glory be to Him) by His grace, mercy, and generosity, to hasten the relief and victory for the oppressed Palestinian people, and to grant us victory. O Allah, have mercy on our virtuous martyrs, heal the wounded among us, and set free our captives. You are All-Hearing!

Peace be upon you and the mercy of Allah and His blessings.


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