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Leader of the Revolution Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi Speaks on the Latest Palestine Development and Regional Updates, in English (May 16, 2024)


I seek refuge in Allah from Shaytan, the outcast. In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.

Praise is to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. I believe that there is no god but Allah, the Sovereign and the Manifest Truth, and that Muhammad, our master, is His servant, Messenger, and Last Prophet.

O Allah, confer Your salat and blessings upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad as You conferred Your salat and blessings upon Ibrahim and the Family of Ibrahim. You are Owner of Praise, Owner of Glory! And be pleased with Muhammad's good companions and all Your righteous servants and mujahidin.

Brothers and sisters, peace be upon you and the mercy of Allah and His blessings.

Allah (Glory be to Him) says in the Holy Quran, {'They do not observe any bond or treaty with the believers. It is they who are the transgressors'}[At-Tawbah 9:10]. Allah the Most High has spoken the truth.

In the eighth month, for the thirty-second week, for 223 days, not a single day has passed without the Israeli enemy committing acts of genocide against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. The number of massacres has amounted to more than 3,185. A single massacre would have been enough to stir the human conscience and prompt strong and decisive positions to prevent the continuation of these horrific, heinous, atrocious crimes, which are an affront to all of humanity. The number of martyrs, missing, wounded, and captives in the West Bank and Gaza is approximately 138,750 Palestinians. This is not a precise count and there is certainly an undercount, as the real number is higher than these statistics, which are approximate statistics. Most of these victims, including the martyrs, missing, and wounded, are children and women.

The pace of the Zionist crimes increases day by day, and the number of massacres has doubled. This week alone, there have been approximately 45 massacres, resulting in more than a thousand martyrs and wounded. Bodies are scattered in some streets, and in most cases, the enemy prevents any paramedics from entering those areas.

This is not to mention the siege and starvation, as the criminal Zionist enemy continues to close all crossings into the Gaza Strip, and after occupying the Rafah crossing, it completely blocked it from receiving any aid into Rafah and the Gaza Strip in general. Since its occupation of the Rafah crossing, it has not allowed any aid to enter at all. Furthermore, it even sends its herds of Zionists—who are called settlers—to steal, loot, and burn the aid at the borders of the Gaza Strip. It even involves its children—the settlers’ children—in these criminal acts. They are not given time to become future criminals; they are being raised on aggression and hatred from their childhood.

The Americans play a fundamental role in all of this through their deadly and destructive bombs, which are specifically designed to destroy cities and kill civilians within them. In America, there is a focus on this aspect: how to make bombs that are extremely destructive to cities, made especially for cities. Isn't this a criminal and aggressive approach? Making bombs with immense power to destroy homes, buildings, neighbourhoods, and streets in cities is a direct attack on civilians. From the outset, they manufacture these highly destructive weapons with the aim of mass destruction and killing within cities and their populations. They prepare for the mass killing of human society, targeting civilians and the inhabitants of cities. Even the American president himself has admitted this fact and spoken about these types of bombs, which are specially made for the purpose of targeting cities and, by extension, their inhabitants. Can cities be targeted and completely destroyed without their inhabitants? The Americans have this approach as part of their strategy and military tactics: targeting cities and their civilian inhabitants, including children, women, the elderly, the youth, and everyone. This type of bomb aims at everyone within these urban areas.

Regarding the starvation, the Americans were also the ones who arranged the plan to target the Rafah crossing. They provided the plan to the Israelis, offering them all forms of support. They gave them a strategy for escalation towards Rafah, detailing how it should be done. Consequently, even one of the most prominent British newspapers reported confessions from individuals they called 'former American officials', who acknowledged that Washington provided cover for Israel to create famine in Gaza by making it impossible to bring in aid due to obstructing the ceasefire. It is clear in America that they play a fundamental role and are complicit in starving the Palestinian people, in the genocide of children and women, and in starving those who remain [in Gaza] with the aim of annihilating them.

As for the displaced and their suffering, as most of the people in Gaza have become displaced, there is a continued displacement among Palestinian families, as they keep moving from one area to another, from one city to another. Most of these families already fled to Rafah, where they were piling up in the hundreds of thousands, and when the Israeli enemy targeted Rafah with its ground aggression, the process of displacement started again from Rafah. For some Palestinian families, or rather thousands of Palestinian families, the cycle of displacement has repeated itself many times. They move from one city to another, from one area to another, and when this or that area is targeted, they are forced to flee under harsh conditions, suffering, under bombardment, targeting, and starvation, and with major problems even in terms of transportation and movement. Their movements are fraught with danger, as they are subjected to indiscriminate, criminal, and brutal targeting by the Israeli enemy. They have no resources or means, and they reach other areas where there are no means for survival. This exacerbates and magnifies their suffering, which is precisely what the Israeli enemy seeks. It aims to inflict the harshest and cruellest forms of suffering on the Palestinian people. This is the Israeli enemy in its criminal nature, tendency, and mentality.

Many Palestinian families have been displaced in the aggression on Gaza more than five times, in full view of the international community and its organizations. UNICEF reports speak of half of the displaced being children. That is because most of the displaced of those families are primarily children and women. Therefore, the majority of the displaced are families: children, and women. Approximately five hundred thousand Palestinians have been displaced from Rafah due to the enemy forces' incursion into eastern Rafah and as a result of the brutal bombardment. Indeed, this is a tremendous tragedy and suffering.

With the intensifying summer heat, the tents of the displaced have become like ovens due to the extreme temperatures, making it difficult for one to stay in them and forcing the displaced to search in vain for places to protect themselves from the heat. This really affects them even at the level of health. This also pushes families to move to overcrowded areas and live on the streets or in unfinished buildings—this coincides with the wave of displacement from eastern Rafah. During their movement, the displaced are chased by enemy aircraft, which targeted a four-story house in the Nuseirat camp, which housed over a hundred displaced individuals. The building itself was accommodating a large number of displaced people: over a hundred displaced persons who came from eastern Rafah. As soon as they arrived, the aircraft of the Israeli enemy all of sudden attacked them with airstrikes that transformed the house into rubble in an operation carried out with full premeditation. The enemy kept monitoring them as they were leaving. When they (children, women, families) arrived and entered that building, It killed them collectively.

As for their suffering at the level of healthcare situation, only two hospitals out of 35 hospitals remain partially (not fully) operational. These two hospitals are also at risk of going out of service due to fuel depletion and the lack of essential supplies, such as medications. Furthermore, they are threatened by the Israeli enemy.

This tragedy that the Palestinian people are suffering from coincided this week with the 76th anniversary of the Nakba. In fact, the beginning of the Nakba in Palestine and the suffering it caused to the Palestinian people date back to the early days of the British occupation of Palestine, as one of the goals was to enable the Jews to occupy Palestine. This was one of the goals of the British occupation of Palestine. They had calculated this matter, and there had been efforts prior to the British occupation of Palestine that solidified this as a principle and a fundamental goal for Britain.

After its occupation of Palestine, Britain sought to arrange and prepare the conditions for that through its crimes and oppressive behaviour at the time while targeting the free individuals among the Palestinian people. Moreover, it sought to pave the way for that by attempting to hinder any Palestinian serious movement towards liberation. It engaged in numerous activities, endeavours, and conspiracies with the aim of preparing the conditions to enable the Jews to occupy Palestine.

Britain also sought to create the conditions for that at the level of the Arab surroundings. Just as it occupied Palestine and worked within Palestine to create the conditions for the Zionist Jews to occupy Palestine, it also worked since then in the Arab surroundings, aiming to prepare the conditions in a way that would prevent the Arab surroundings from taking a strong reaction that could support the Palestinian people and hinder the achievement of the British and Zionist goals.

After the Balfour Declaration, intensive steps were taken to bring Zionist Jews to Palestine from Europe and various countries, including Arab countries in the Arab world. From that very step, which marked the practical implementation of the British Zionist plan aimed at occupying Palestine, Arab countries (without exception) showed negligence: all the Arab countries from which Jewish immigration to Palestine began for occupying it. Negligence started at that early time and in the face of each step. Each practical step by Britain and the Zionist Jews was met with inaction by Arabs and Islamic countries, and there was no countermove to thwart the enemy, and if there was any, it was feeble, not reaching the level of challenge or threat.

Britain began working on two tracks in terms of the military aspect. This means that they engaged in all fields and pursued two tracks in the military field.

  • The first track was to establish military formations within the British Army. Britain formed a military brigade consisting of Zionist Jews within the British occupying forces in Palestine, in addition to other battalions apart from that brigade. The interest the Americans showed  during that early stage was notable, even though it had not yet emerged onto the international stage with its influence, as it did after World War II when it reached a broader, greater, and more extensive level of international influence compared to other countries. Nonetheless, even at that early stage, the Americans began to show interest, and they were among (or rather at the forefront of) those who demanded the formation of military battalions of Zionist Jews within the British occupying forces in Palestine. At that time, the Americans demanded more formations and the inclusion of more Zionists as fighting units to prepare them for the next steps.
  • The second track was the formation of gangs of Zionist Jews, providing them with training, arming, protection, and support in some of their criminal operations and assaults against those Palestinian people living in villages. In some cases, those gangs would go with protection: A British force was deployed to support them. These gangs initiated their aggression against Palestinian villages and neighbourhoods, committing brutal and horrific acts of genocide in a very horrifying manner. However, the Arab memory is weak.

One of the biggest mistakes, resulting from a combination of negligence, lack of attention, and deliberate complicity by some countries, is the excluding of those events and stages, as well as what occurred during them against the Palestinian people from official educational curricula in Arab countries and other parts of the Muslim world, including the majority of the Islamic world.

The crimes were committed in a terrible, brutal, criminal, and horrifying manner. Those gangs would kill everyone in some Palestinian villages: They would kill all children (even infants), and they would collectively kill old and young individuals, men, and women. They would even burn some people with fire, gathering them in one place and setting them on fire. [In some cases,] they would gather some people in the village mosque and exterminate them inside the mosque, either by execution with gunfire or, in some Palestinian villages, by execution with knives and axes in a brutal and criminal manner. The Jewish gangs would slaughter infants with their knives, kill women with their axes, and sever heads with their daggers in an extremely brutal way.

That stage was one of the stages where the titles of rights (human rights, democracy, freedom, and other deceitful titles) already appeared in the West and in America. The West was boasting about them and presenting them as a manifestation of its civilization. However, the West did not take any position against those extremely brutal, horrifying crimes. On the contrary, there was intensive support from various Western countries for associations, institutions, and entities that collected donations and support in all forms for the Zionists. There was official support received from governments and regimes. Also, at the popular level, support was sought from European peoples and the American people, as there were organizations and institutions that collected donations, along with supportive media campaigns and more.

Some of the villagers were executed in cold blood by gunfire; some were burnt in fire; others were killed by destructions with dynamite (they would gather them in one place and detonate them with dynamite); and some were killed with axes, knives, and daggers. This criminal, aggressive state continued for years. It escalated, with each year becoming greater, more brutal, crueller, and worse. Moreover, Britain provided protection for those gangs with their occupying army.

When the Palestinian people rose up in a powerful revolution with extensive movement among the Palestinian people in 1936, Arabs did not provide them with the necessary support. Instead, they abandoned the Palestinian people, turned a blind eye to them, and provided no sufficient support. Had they provided sufficient support during that early stage, it might have been a crucial factor in avoiding the catastrophe that occurred later.

Throughout that revolution, there was not sufficient support from the Arab side. Instead, in the end, Arab leaders and rulers requested the revolutionaries to cease their revolution and trust those deceitful promises Britain made regarding stopping receiving Jews and utilizing them for the occupation of Palestine and leaving Palestine. These were deceitful promises. In fact, some Arab leaders talked to the revolutionaries, exerted pressure on them, and asked them to stop. What happened next? Afterwards, more Jews, hundreds of thousands, were brought in to occupy Palestine, and the practice of usurping lands, villages, and homes continued. There were villages that were completely destroyed: more than five hundred villages. There were cities where neighbourhoods were destroyed. Jewish settlers occupied villages and cities, taking over the houses and confiscating all the properties of the Palestinian people. This situation continued. It continued without interruption, in addition to the construction of what they called settlements, which, in fact, are colonies they build on usurped Palestinian lands. When Britain had reached a point of reassurance regarding the Jews' ability to gain control, realizing that providing them with financial support and weakening the Arabs’ position would be sufficient—this means that Britain came to realize that the magnitude of the invading, occupying Zionist Jews who had arrived in Palestine had reached a stage where they numbered in the millions and possessed trained and equipped military power of the brigades and battalions it incorporated into and militarily qualified with the occupying British arms and of those gangs, that it had weakened the Palestinian people and ensured that they had reached the utmost level of weakness and inability to confront, and that it had ensured Arab negligence—at that point, Britain decided to leave and hand Palestine over to those criminal gangs and military formations that it itself had formed, built, and prepared. It [Britain] departed from Palestine and announced its withdrawal, handing over the reins of power to the Zionist Jews.

The brutal crimes of genocide and displacement (the million-fold displacement that stands as the largest ethnic cleansing operation of the 20th century) are a stain of shame on Britain and America, as each of them played a primary role in that. At the forefront was Britain, followed by America, which also did not hesitate to participate in that to support the Zionist Jews in all forms of support and to adopt them, all the way up until the Nakba of 1948, the occupation of 85% of Palestinian land and the move by the Zionist Jews to declare the establishment of their entity. Then came the attempt to recognize the Israeli enemy and legitimize its occupation as was seen in the partition resolution and the position of the so-called United Nations. This is one of the strangest, worst, and most horrific injustices approved by the United Nations. It is a disgrace for the United Nations to accept the Israeli enemy a member, as it is an occupying and usurping entity, a criminal entity established based on criminality, tyranny, aggression, and usurpation. What legitimacy does it have for everything it has done?! When they adopted the partition resolution to seize 85% of Palestinian lands—the lands of the Palestinian people and Palestine's land that belong to the Palestinian people—and recognize them for the Israeli enemy because it usurped them and forcibly took them without any right or legitimacy, that was also injustice upon injustice.

During that critical stage, there was no Arab movement in the required manner: There was a weak, disorganized, and poorly coordinated movement. It was not based on continuity and general mobilization among the peoples for the sake of Jihad in the path of Allah, with the immense significance it holds for every Muslim in the Arab world and beyond. What connects a Muslim individual in the Arab world and elsewhere to Palestine is a Muslim people who are part of this Ummah, a land that is part of the homeland and the territories of Muslims, and sacred sites, foremost among them being the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the destination the Prophet's Night Journey.

Taking action early was a very important matter. Even at that stage, there should have been action that could meet what was expected and required and rise to the level of the challenge and danger. However, there were major shortcomings and great negligence. The catastrophe continued, eventually resulting in the enemy's occupation of the rest of Palestine and the occupation of Quds. The Western support continued, with the American support at the forefront. When the Israeli enemy declared its entity as a state, America recognized it after only eleven minutes. It is ironic, strange, and outrageous at the same time that the American President regretted he was eleven minutes late to recognize the Israeli enemy, the Israeli entity, as a state. How come that since it is a usurper and occupier?! America turned to support and embrace the Israeli enemy, endorsed its crimes, and attempted to impose it in this part of the Arab and Islamic world.

After the recognition, the American role in providing support continued, and America assumed the lead instead of Britain. It is true that Britain always remained alongside the Israeli enemy, but America took on a greater role in that.

The Western society moved in supporting the Zionist Jews with three motives, including the motive of hatred and malevolence towards Muslims, especially Arabs. At that early stage, could they say what they are saying now: 'The issue is an Iranian issue'? The Shah's regime and the regimes that preceded it, the royal regimes in Iran at that time, were not hostile to America. The Shah, who was revolted against by Imam Khomeini, was a proxy of America and an ally and friend of Israel. So the issue was prior to the Islamic Revolution, which adopted the Islamic position of supporting the Palestinian people even before its victory in Iran—during the revolutionary stage, before its victory. Therefore, when America and Israel, along with their mouthpieces and proxies, try to say to the Arab peoples that the position towards the Israeli enemy is an Iranian issue and that Arabs have no cause and are supposed to be friends of the Israeli enemy, this is a superficial and naïve deception and an act of playing the Arab peoples for fools and making a fool of them. That is because everyone knows that the Zionist Jews began their aggression against the Palestinian Arabs (the Arab Palestinian people), and they killed Arabs around Palestine, in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. They also killed a portion of those who mobilized from other Arab countries to support their Palestinian brothers in a limited movement—that was not at the required level, neither from the countries nor from the regimes or governments at that time. Their fundamental problem was directed towards the Arabs: Their targeting was against the Arabs, so were their aggression and their acts of killing. Therefore, responsibility for bearing this cause lies with the Arabs. It is indeed their primary cause and primary responsibility.

Any Islamic role, including the role played by the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a supportive role that is based on the consideration that this is an Islamic religious cause because it has this profound dimension: It is an Islamic religious cause. However, it is important for Arabs to realize that they have been the victims since the beginning: They were the first to be killed, to suffer the occupation of their land, and to be targeted, and they face a greater danger than others. The American-Western-Zionist malevolence and the false belief held by Zionists, both Jewish and Christian Zionists in Western societies—the Zionists among them hold beliefs related to empowering the Israeli enemy to control Palestine and vast parts of Arab countries in particular, to dominate Arabs, humiliate Arabs, insult Arabs, kill Arabs, and destroy Arabs. There are Zionist beliefs within the Christian community, embraced by a group of them, and also within the Jewish community. The Jews hold this belief, and alongside them are those who embrace Zionism from within the Christians. They hold beliefs rooted in hatred and malevolence and are based on this foundation: empowering the Israeli enemy to occupy Palestine, humiliate Arabs, destroy Arabs, kill Arabs, and harbor animosity towards them. They also have ambitions as they are a greedy group. The Zionist Jews are greedy: people of greed and cupidity. They covet desires the wealth, resources, and location of these countries. The same applies to America and European countries with a colonial tendency, whose appetite is open to the fullest extent in occupying other countries, plundering their wealth, and exerting control over them, as long as the conditions are favourable for it and there is no deterrence, might, strength, and cohesion in those countries—as is the case in Arab countries—that deters the enemies, thwarts their efforts, and safeguards the nation, its lands, resources, and rights from their control.

American support in terms of adopting Zionism and the Israeli enemy and in terms of supporting the Israeli enemy, has reached a point where this has become the most prominent and primary issue in the presidential election competition in America for a long time. For a long time, this situation has remained as it is. Whenever the American elections approach, it becomes a leading and important issue that presidential candidates compete on: Who will provide more support to the Israeli enemy against Arabs and Muslims? They compete on this matter and boast about what they have previously offered. When an American president reaches the second term, he starts to boast about what he has done [for the Jews]. Even after leaving the presidency and after the end of his presidential term, he might continue to boast and take pride in what he has provided to Israel during his presidency. They persist in this approach, considering it a matter of commitment. Their ceiling in this regard is for the Israeli enemy to be superior to all countries in the region and for all countries in the region to be weak, subservient, and submissive, allowing the Israeli enemy to achieve any goal regarding any country in the region.

With the aggression on Gaza, we witness the repetition of the criminal scene occurred in the Nakba that has extended and continued, as the Palestinian people have continued to suffer daily during all these seventy-six years and before: They suffer daily, enduring all criminal practices including killings, destruction of homes, displacement from villages, occupation of new lands and farms, uprooting of olive trees (with more than two million olive trees having been uprooted), and controlling and usurping of the properties of the Palestinian people. All the criminal practices have continued on a daily basis during all these decades, and the Americans have been supporting and the negligence of Arabs has been continuing.  Therefore, the aggression on Gaza is a stage of the escalation of the Israeli enemy, and it is a repetition of the criminal scene, but with greater capabilities than that time. What has become in the hands of the Israelis, as well as what the Americans provide them in their aggression on the Gaza Strip at this stage, is more deadly, more destructive, and a more effective means in exterminating the Palestinian people and in practicing criminality than what they had possessed at those stages and at any previous stage.

The resilience of our Jihad-performing brothers in all the fighting factions in the Gaza Strip and Palestinian society in general— the Palestinian resilience and the steadfastness of the mujahidin at this stage— is greater than any previous stage in the history of the Palestinian people.

Until now, members of the US Senate are still calling for the extermination of the Palestinian people, just as the Americans themselves exterminated the populations of the two cities in Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and they propose that the extermination of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip be carried out in the same way, all at once in order to resolve the battle, as they say.

The Americans, with their brutality, aggression, and partnership with the Israeli enemy, continue to suppress the American university students, the students and professors whose human conscience has been stirred by the horror and brutality of Zionist crimes, in which the American authorities participate, against the Palestinian people in Palestine and in Gaza. They acted, so they were confronted with suppression, persecution, and injustice by the American authorities. The university movement over the course of a month, or for about a month, has been facing suppression, persecution, mistreatment, and violation of rights, rights that are granted to them by the American constitution and American laws. This is also the case in Britain and in the rest of the European countries: They attack the sit-ins of university students with their police, assaulting them with batons. Also in some countries, they face such sit-ins using dogs, and at the same time, they beat, arrest, and bind the students in a humiliating, degrading, and cruel manner and beyond. Those students face arrests and media campaigns, and they are subjected to measures taken by the universities as a means of punishment: Some are expelled, while others are deprived of university degrees—there are various measures. Now, with the approaching summer vacation there, they (the university students) also suffer, but we hope that they will continue their activity even during the summer vacation, whether in or outside the universities. It is important that they continue their activity, as long as the aggression continues against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

Despite the magnitude of the criminality and the latest escalation towards Rafah—it is the Americans who drew up the plan, method, and manner of the Israeli ground aggression on Rafah, which is being carried out according to the method planned by them, and this is clear—the steadfastness of mujahidin in the Gaza Strip from various factions (especially the Al-Qassam Brigades, the Al-Quds Brigades, and the rest of the factions that stand side by side fighting for the sake of Allah) is foiling the Israeli enemy and has an important result and great impact at the level of this critical, pivotal, and very important stage.

This week, the fighting has returned to Jabalia and the Zeitoun Neighbourhood. This proves the failure of the Israeli enemy. When the battle is consecutively repeated in one of the neighbourhoods or camps five times, with the Israelis declaring each time that they have decisively won the battle, that they have gained control over the situation, that nobody is left there, and that (as they say) they have dismantled twenty battalions of the Al-Qassam Brigades, but then it becomes clear that the complete opposite of what they claimed is true—it becomes clear that the mujahidin brothers continue to be actively present and impactful, fighting fiercely and inflicting suffering upon the Israeli enemy—then they lie when they claim to have eliminated or dismantled them [the mujahidin]. They continue to inflict painful and severe losses on the enemy in terms of soldiers, tanks, and military equipment, as evidenced by the media scenes that demonstrate the level of suffering inflicted upon the enemy. In such videos and media scenes, we can see direct clashes, anti-tank operations, and ongoing shelling reaching Ashkelon, Sderot, Beersheba, and other areas. Nearly seventy enemy vehicles were targeted this week alone. Despite the scale of the aggression and the blockade, it becomes clear from these scenes and the reality of the mujahidin brothers in the Gaza Strip that their morale is high. This is an important and fundamental point. {'And they did not waver regardless of that which afflicted them in the way of Allah, nor did they weaken, nor did they give in. And Allah loves the patient ones'}[Ali 'Imran 3:146]. The hope for gaining victory from Allah, support from Allah, and assistance from Allah (Glory be to Him) lies in that immense patience, steadfastness, and high morale. Their eagerness to engage in combat and confront the Zionist enemy in various battlefronts is evident, with greater experience than before. They are gaining more experience in dealing with their current situation, greater awareness, and well-planned tactics. They are ensnaring the enemy in numerous ambushes and targeting it with high effectiveness. Among what was observed this week was the targeting of the deputy comptroller for the defence establishment, the criminal Yogev Bar Sheshet. He is the second-highest-ranking individual targeted in this Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

The continuation of the Israeli enemy's aggression on Gaza and its pursuit of escalation towards Rafah means greater attrition for it, that its failure and defeat become greater as time goes longer, and its inevitable defeat in the end, as well as the escalation by the supporting fronts. That is because if the duration of the aggression and the siege extends and the Israeli enemy takes new steps (like its current escalation towards Rafah), this means that the supporting fronts in Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen will move towards additional steps and escalate in response to that escalation.

Therefore, on the Lebanese front this week, we find many effective operations that inflict harm on the enemy. The Lebanese front holds great significance because it is a direct front and because its impact extends to the northern region of Palestine on the one hand and to the overall situation of the enemy [on the other hand]. What happens on the Lebanese front is announced, so we do not need to go into details.

The Iraqi front has once again turned towards escalation. We commend this direction, this interaction, and this great concern. This week, there have been approximately twelve attacks with cruise missiles and drones. The number may be even higher, as I do not have an exact statistic. However, it is evident that they have significantly escalated their actions, and it is hoped (Allah willing) that they will achieve more effectiveness and escalation.

Regarding the Yemeni front in the battle of the Promised Conquest and the Holy Jihad, the operations carried out against the Zionist enemy in occupied Palestine since the beginning of the events have reached forty operations, with two hundred and eleven missiles. These operations targeted the Israeli enemy in occupied Palestine and do not include naval operations.

As for the operations carried out this week, seven operations have been carried , executed with thirteen ballistic and winged missiles and drones in the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, and the Indian Ocean. The operations in the Mediterranean Sea also began, with two operations having been carried out.

The operations against American ships in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden have exceeded one hundred missile and unmanned aerial vehicle attacks. This is in relation to American ships. In the Indian Ocean, America, Israel, and Britain are seeking to change their course, moving further east in more distant areas of the Indian Ocean, in an attempt to be farther away from the areas they are targeted in. However, this makes them suffer greater costs and additional burdens, and it will not benefit them. The more distant they get, the more they contribute to the development of our missile and unmanned aircraft capabilities to reach farther ranges. That is why we have said from the beginning of the events that their actions contribute to the development of our military capabilities.

The fourth stage, which our Yemeni army has commenced and declared at the beginning of the enemy's escalation against Rafah, is a significant stage, as it targets ships of all companies that transport goods and supplies to any of the ports of the Israeli enemy. These ships and all ships of those companies involved in this activity will be targeted wherever the capabilities of the Yemeni army can reach. In other words, this is not limited solely to the Mediterranean. It is true that the Mediterranean Sea is a target, but any ship identified as transporting goods to any port in occupied Palestine for the benefit of the Israeli enemy will be a target wherever the capabilities of the Yemeni army can reach. The same applies to all other ships belonging to the same company of this ship.

In this context, I remind those countries that showed a positive stance in understanding the stage of the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, and the Arabian Sea—some ships belonging to Chinese companies, Russian companies, and other companies of other nationalities, including European ones, understood the measures in relation to the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, and the Arabian Sea and consequently ceased transport in favour of the Israeli enemy via this route. As a result, they enjoyed safety and peace of mind, and their movement remained safe and secure as they crossed from the Gulf of Aden and the Bab Al-Mandeb Strait towards the Red Sea. That was because they had a clear understanding of this measure, realizing that the issue was connected to what is happening in Gaza and that the Yemeni position came in the context of supporting the Palestinian people as a humanitarian, legitimate move based on right grounds in every respect: It is the right of the Palestinian people to access food and medicine and see an end to crimes of genocide committed against them.أعلى النموذج

I hope that China, Russia, Eastern countries, Asian countries, European countries, and all countries have a clear understanding of the measure against the transport to the ports of occupied Palestine in favour of the Israeli enemy and that they cease any transport, for the measure taken by our country is based on humanitarian, moral, and religious grounds. Everyone should have a clear understanding of this measure.

It is in the interest of all companies affiliated with any country to cease transport for the benefit of the Israeli enemy, whether through the Mediterranean Sea or through any route. They should stop doing so. We are keen to convey this message to them and for them to have a clear understanding of this measure and realize that it is based on humanitarian and moral grounds. Everyone should exert pressure on the Israeli enemy to stop the genocidal crimes against the Palestinian people in Gaza and to end the starvation and siege of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

We will strive to strengthen the fourth stage, which falls under this same title and includes this measure, in terms of momentum and the power of the strikes. Although the enemies are trying to form multiple belts to protect themselves and their ships in the Mediterranean Sea and on the long-range scale that this measure can encompass, we will spare no effort, no matter what their measures are. Just as what happened to their efforts in the Red Sea, the Arab Sea, and the Indian Ocean when they were trying to possess the ability to intercept attacks and then failed, their efforts to intercept operations of further ranges and overcome the options of the fourth stage will fail, by the will of Allah. The work is ongoing to surpass their technologies and overcome their intensive multiple belts of defence, which involves jamming and using reconnaissance aircraft, electronic warfare aircraft, etc. All their efforts will fail, by the will of Allah, and we will manage to overcome them, as we have done before in the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Aden, and the Indian Ocean.

The Israeli enemy's persistence in continuing its aggression against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, its use of siege and starvation, and its attempts to advance in Rafah signifies the necessity to escalate further on all fronts of support. This is what is hoped for in the remaining fronts, and we hope, Allah willing, that our Iraqi brothers will join us at the fourth stage. We will spare no effort in that regard, and we will work on strengthening the fourth stage and preparing for what comes after, including the fifth stage and beyond. This is in relation to the military path.

Regarding popular activities, popular military mobilization is highly active, as it has exceeded three hundred thousand trainees, with an increase of thirteen thousand nine hundred and fifty-nine trainees. Allah willing, it will even reach half a million or more. Additionally, military manoeuvres associated with the mobilization itself have reached seven hundred and thirty-five manoeuvres. Likewise, regarding public gatherings, seminars, and events, I did not go into details because they are too numerous, but they have reached hundreds of thousands.

The million-man demonstrations that continue to be held weekly in a great way demonstrate the level of the popular interaction and direction that knows no fatigue or boredom. They have become one of the popular commitments. This is very great and very important. That the awareness and sense of responsibility among the Muslim Yemeni people, who belong to faith, has risen to the level of considering it one of their weekly priorities and commitments to take to the street, to shout in support of the Palestinian people, and to take to the street in a distinctive manner that exceeds any movement in any other people or country is something very important, something truly magnificent. Indeed, this embodies the faith affiliation our dear people possess despite all the media campaigns directed against them in order to demoralize, undermine, distract, and overwhelm them with what they are suffering internally—there is a great effort on the part of the enemies in their media campaign that targets our dear Yemeni people—and despite the propaganda campaigns against all those who stand by Gaza, its mujahidin, and the Palestinian people. It means that they are being targeted on all support fronts. However, the hostile media campaign on Yemen is greater than any other front, much more intense than any other front: It is a very intensive hostile campaign that comes with many voices, means, and massive propaganda, fabrications, and lies and keeps focusing on any internal matter, problem, or issue with aim of turning such an issue into the central issue of the 21st century so that they may succeed in making the Yemeni people forget everything happening in Gaza. Their aim is to make our people retreat from their position in supporting the Palestinian people. This is what America, Britain, and Israel seek to achieve, and for this purpose, they mobilize their voices and their barking dogs that bark at this people day and night, never ceasing their barking. However, the level of awareness of our dear people disappoints their hopes, and the weekly million-turnout humiliates them. They engage in massive propaganda and continuous barking day and night, but when Friday comes, everything they have invested and all the money Arab countries have contributed evaporate and vanish—all of that evaporates and vanishes away.

Our dear people take to the streets in the rain as in Sana'a and in extreme heat as in Al-Hudaydah. The many rallying points in Al-Hudaydah Governorate, and also on the coast of Hajjah, are in extremely hot areas. We have entered the summer with its intense heat; however, they still take to the street on a weekly basis, shouting in support of the Palestinian people and standing with the people of Gaza.

Taking to the streets in the heat, of course, is more challenging and difficult than taking to the street in the rain. However, it all indicates the level of interaction, sense of responsibility, and concern. That is, the Yemeni conscience is alive in the hearts of all those who take to the street and refuse to be silent, inactive, indifferent, or among the living dead who have no voice, movement, or stance.

Yesterday, I watched demonstrations in the Netherlands, where people took to the streets to show support for the Palestinian people, express solidarity with the people of Gaza, and call for an end to the aggression and siege against the Palestinian people in Gaza. The demonstrations took place in the rain, with heavy rain pouring down on the demonstrators while they were marching in the streets. I said to myself, 'If the demonstrations in Sana'a had ceased because of the rain, watching such a scene in the Netherlands would have made me feel ashamed that the people of the Netherlands took to the streets to express solidarity with the Palestinian people and to call for an end to the aggression and siege against the Palestinian people in Gaza, while the residents of Sana'a stopped taking to the street because of the rain, unlike those who took to street in the rain.' But I thanked Allah for I belong to such dear people, who, in their faith, positions, steadfastness, and loyalty, make one stand tall and do him proud. The positions they take are honourable positions. So I thanked Allah. Our people are taking to the streets even in the rain, and what is more amazing is that they take to the streets even in extreme heat, as is the case in the province of Al-Hudaydah. Everyone belonging to the Yemeni people, the Yemen of faith and wisdom, has every reason to feel pride and honour for these honourable positions.

I hope, Allah willing, that our dear people will continue to take to the streets in millions with great momentum, in response to the call of Allah (the Almighty), with patience, perseverance, and steadfastness, without weakness, fatigue, or retreat, as is the case with the direction of military escalation.

I call upon our dear people to take to the streets tomorrow in millions, by the will of Allah, in the capital Sana'a, as well as in the rest of the governorates and districts, in the designated squares according to the approved procedures.

I ask Allah to hasten the victory and relief for the oppressed Palestinian people and the mujahidin among them and to grant us victory. O Allah (Glory be to You), have mercy on our virtuous martyrs, heal the wounded among us, and set free our captives. You are All-Hearing!

Peace be upon you and the mercy of Allah and His blessings.


#Yemen #Palestine #Israel #Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi About 2 months
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