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This page is the English version of Almasirah Media Network website and it focuses on delivering all leading News and developments in Yemen, the Middle East and the world. In the eara of misinformation imposed by the main stream media in the Middle East and abroad, Almasirah Media Network strives towards promoting knowledge, principle values and justice, among all societies and cultures in the world

American-Israeli Spy Network: Scandal of US Embassy's Cover for Intelligence Work

Yemen: Parallel to the military surprises directed by the Yemeni Armed Forces at sea, the United States and Israel faced an intelligence surprise this week that thwarted their decades-long efforts to penetrate Yemen's internal front under the guise of diplomatic work by the American embassy.

In an unprecedented local and Arab achievement, Security Agencies revealed the dismantling of a spy network recruited over decades to target Yemen internally in military, economic, social, agricultural, religious, educational, and other fields.

Thousands of documents and evidence obtained by the Security Agencies confirm that the American-Israeli network, whose members worked within the American embassy, engaged in espionage and sabotage activities in official and non-official institutions for decades for the enemy's benefit. These activities were conducted by members directly linked to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which recruited the main members of the espionage network, trained them in intelligence, and provided them with special techniques, equipment, and devices to carry out their espionage and sabotage activities in Yemen, and to facilitate the covert transmission of information to American and Israeli intelligence officers.

Under the diplomatic cover of the US embassy in Sana'a, Washington granted network members job titles in the embassy to carry out espionage and sabotage activities, which is a blatant violation of diplomatic norms and Yemeni laws regulating embassy operations.

One-Third of US Embassy Building Dedicated to the CIA

What is particularly surprising is that the US embassy in Sana'a was not merely a building for managing diplomacy, as Washington claims, but resembled a nest for American intelligence and espionage, aimed at infiltrating and dismantling the country from within under the guise of diplomatic work.

Confessions from network members who worked inside the embassy revealed that the building was divided into three levels or floors. The first floor was used by regular staff and administrators, the second was for the ambassador, and the top floor was dedicated to CIA operations and the FBI, accessible only to American officers and a very small number of highly trusted local agents, who could enter only with special authorization.

Lebanese researcher on American adversaries, Ali Murad, commented on these revelations in statements to Al Masirah TV, saying that dedicating a floor in the American embassy to intelligence agencies reflects that the embassy's primary purpose is to achieve espionage and intelligence objectives. He confirmed that "diplomatic work is merely a cover used by America to implement its espionage, intelligence, and sabotage agendas."

Utilization of Humanitarian and Human Rights Work for Intelligence Purposes

In addition to their work at the American embassy in Sana'a, documents and records prove that American intelligence agencies have linked individuals to activities associated with United Nations and civil organizations, serving as a cover for their true service to the CIA. The involvement of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in intelligence activities reflects poorly on its reputation, reminiscent of American weapons found in extremist groups in Al-Baidha province years ago, bearing the agency's insignia.

Major General Jalal al-Ruwaishan, Deputy Prime Minister for Defense and Security Affairs, asserts that the United States, along with its intelligence agencies and certain United Nations organizations, operated under the guise of diplomatic and humanitarian missions to conduct hostile intelligence operations. After the September 21 revolution in 2014, the American embassy departed, but it relied on these networks to carry out the same functions the embassy would if it were still in Yemen.

"The US embassy left Sana'a a few months after the revolution in early 2015. However, the espionage network continued to execute the same sabotage agenda under the cover of international organizations and NGOs, using humanitarian slogans to conceal their true espionage and sabotage activities."

Regarding repeated American demands for the release of members of the cell allegedly working for international organizations, al-Ruwaishan confirms that global humanitarian work is under American control, serving to pass American plans and objectives. Therefore, humanitarian, relief, human rights, and freedom efforts are merely a cover for hostile intelligence activities serving Washington's interests.

Researcher Ali Murad comments, "American intelligence agencies have been waiting for what they anticipated for three years since October 2021, when security forces in Sana'a arrested this dangerous network."

He points out that "every year, the US Secretary of State speaks about the alleged victimization of employees, failing to mention the malicious roles played by this network. They attempt to portray their actions as falling within the framework of human rights, while the US administration uses humanitarian slogans and diplomatic discourse to cover up their security and intelligence operations."

Murad explains, "When American intelligence agencies encounter resistance in countries experiencing revolutions or liberation movements, they resort to various methods." He notes that in all Arab countries, US embassies serve as stations for the CIA, linked to USAID, responsible for operating a network of NGOs and even commercial companies to serve Washington's interests, operating in this manner across all Arab countries.

Intelligence Operations of the American Embassy

According to confessions from 10 network members working inside the Washington embassy in Sana'a, American intelligence aimed to penetrate all aspects of life in Yemen, politically monitoring military, security, economic, commercial, health, educational, agricultural, cultural, social, and other sectors. The network supplied vital and confidential military and security information to anti-Yemen intelligence agencies, weakening the Yemeni army and its capabilities before the blessed September 21 revolution.

After the victory of the September 21 revolution and the departure of the American embassy from the capital, Sana'a, the American-Israeli espionage network continued to carry out multiple sabotage roles. They gathered limited information about the state budget, government policies, and plans adopted by the Salvation Government, seeking to expose the funding sources for military fronts to hostile intelligence agencies.

The American-Israeli espionage network conducted intelligence activities to benefit the enemy, targeting the military capabilities developed by the Yemeni Armed Forces during the US-Saudi aggression on Yemen. They monitored military movements and strategic capabilities, observed the theater of operations, lifted coordinates, and did everything possible to achieve the enemy's objectives, enabling them to occupy Yemen and subject it to American-Israeli dominance.

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This page is the English version of Almasirah Media Network website and it focuses on delivering all leading News and developments in Yemen, the Middle East and the world. In the eara of misinformation imposed by the main stream media in the Middle East and abroad, Almasirah Media Network strives towards promoting knowledge, principle values and justice, among all societies and cultures in the world

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