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This page is the English version of Almasirah Media Network website and it focuses on delivering all leading News and developments in Yemen, the Middle East and the world. In the eara of misinformation imposed by the main stream media in the Middle East and abroad, Almasirah Media Network strives towards promoting knowledge, principle values and justice, among all societies and cultures in the world

Saudi Regime Must Understand Oman's Efforts Last Chance for Peace with Yemen

Yemen: After the Omani delegation left Sana'a, regional and international attention turned to Muscat. No white smoke is expected to rise, despite Oman's great efforts to resolve the situation in Yemen and sustain peace, those efforts collide with American and regional intransigence and arrogance on the part of the UAE and Saudi regimes.

The Omani delegation to Sana'a conveyed new ideas regarding Sana'a airport by expanding the number of direct destinations to and from it, and easing control over the port of Hodeidah, while the big problem remained in the salaries. Technical proposals in Sana’a airport, Hodeidah port and salaries were carried by the Omani delegation, and discussed with the leadership in Sana’a, which reaffirmed two important matters:

The first is that the path to peace in Yemen is easy when there is a serious intention on the US-Saudi aggression side. Proving seriousness in the humanitarian aspect represents the entrance towards political solutions by separating it from the political bargaining table.

The other thing is that returning to the fight is something that Sana'a does not fear, as the aggression is trying to portray that in the media. Maintaining the blockade is more dangerous than igniting the fronts, and starving to death is not a characteristic of the Yemenis, but keening on the blood of Yemenis forced Sana’a to extend the truce and give opportunities for calm.

US-Saudi Aggression Setting Traps in Salary Item

The salary item is the most prominent node as portrayed by the aggression. Officials in the Salvation Government say that the aggression is setting traps for Sana’a by proposing that it be spent for the civil sector without the military sector. This is something that Sana’a rejected again, and refused even to schedule the matter so that salaries would be paid to civilians, and then, in a few months, they would be disbursed to the military sector. 

An official responded to the proposal by saying that paying salaries from Yemen’s oil is the right of every state employee, whether civilian or military, and is not a favor from the aggression. 

There is also no guarantee or confidence in the American side that is holding the strings of negotiations to end the war on Yemen.

Axis of Resistance Stands in Support of Yemen’s Right

In Muscat, it was remarkable that the head of the National Delegation Mohammad Abdulsalam met with the Iranian Foreign Minister.

Iran has provided moral and political support for Sana’a’s firm position in establishing an honorable peace. It is also a message to the aggression side that Sana’a is not alone in facing the American threat with a harsh battle. Behind it, the axis of resistance stands in support of Yemen’s right to independence and sovereignty, breaking American hegemony, restoring the Yemeni People to their rights, and liberating their land and water from the filth of the invaders and occupiers.

Failure of US-Saudi Aggression to Open New Battle

On the other side, the United States and the Saudi and Emirati regimes launched a campaign of intimidation against Sana’a, the foundations of which are the threat of an upcoming battle that will not remain or leave. Secondly, an attempt to stir up unrest from within through social media.

In a simplified reading, military personnel say that if the aggression was able to ignite a battle against Sana’a, it would not have been late, but it suffers from fragmentation and disagreement between its tools. The Council of Saudi-Emirati tools headed by Al-Alami failed to contain its tasks that it was scheduled to carry out, foremost among which was containing differences and leading a unified battle.

Raising security unrest based on economic pressure and accumulations of blockade remains the most dangerous in Sana'a's view. The latter, according to observers, hardly face the blockade, and achieving self-sufficiency and reviving the economy require a longer time.

The Salvation Government acknowledge that the major responsibility for the collapse of the state in front of the blockade is due in large part to the previous regimes that failed to create an internally self-sufficient Yemeni economy. The country relied entirely on imports, and the gap remained very large in the balance of exports and imports in favor of the latter.

Military personnel point to other factors that may delay the upcoming battle, which is Washington's failure to create solutions to confront Sana'a's weapons, which have increased in strength due to the impact of the Ukrainian crisis, in addition to the increasing of its ranges and destructive capabilities to reach oil sources and even the Israeli entity in the region.

In this aspect, observers saw that Washington pushed Egypt to the waterfront, aiming to create a new element in the battle. However, officials in Sana'a confirmed that Cairo had sent messages to Sana'a that it was not interested in confrontation, and that its chairmanship of a working group in the Red Sea was a routine matter that had been going on for years.

In this regard, they add that Cairo cannot repeat its harsh experience in Yemen. However, they do not hide their fear of Egypt's economic situation, which might push it to venture in order to obtain funds to save its economy from bankruptcy.

Sana’a Ready for Any Option

For its part, Sana'a confirmed that the government has set a timetable, waiting for the results of the Omani side's consultations with the aggression party.  It holds the keys to the battle, the timing of its start, and its resolution in the direction of breaking the siege and ending the aggression by force whenever the peaceful efforts led by Oman fail.

2023 will be decisive in Yemen, as Sana’a will not give the US the opportunity to tamper in the Yemeni field, which cannot bear the state of neither peace nor war with the continuation of the siege and economic war.

Washington declared some of its weapons, which Sana'a hastened to silence using methods that Sana'a was known to avoid for eight years, despite the torrent of criticism it faced, in light of the state of emergency and war it is living through.

It was remarkable that the US State Department announced the planting of about 50 working groups among school girls within the framework of the project to disturb the home front. What is hidden is greater in a field in which Washington excelled in destroying countries like Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan...

The next battle, when it breaks out, is expected to be harsher and very different from the battles that preceded it. It will open the sea field as a new and main field. Also, the effects of the battle will not be limited to Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, but will extend to other countries, directly or indirectly, in one way or another. It is writhing today from the effects of the Russian-American war.

Sana'a talks about surprises it has prepared, dozens of times more than Hezbollah's equipment for the Israeli entity, by sea and land, and perhaps in the air, where the field of superiority is for the coalition of aggression. It would not only resolve the upcoming battle, but also direct a blow to the position of the US in the world, and what would accelerate the birth of the new world ..

Source: Almasirah Net, translated by Almasirah English website

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This page is the English version of Almasirah Media Network website and it focuses on delivering all leading News and developments in Yemen, the Middle East and the world. In the eara of misinformation imposed by the main stream media in the Middle East and abroad, Almasirah Media Network strives towards promoting knowledge, principle values and justice, among all societies and cultures in the world

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