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This page is the English version of Almasirah Media Network website and it focuses on delivering all leading News and developments in Yemen, the Middle East and the world. In the eara of misinformation imposed by the main stream media in the Middle East and abroad, Almasirah Media Network strives towards promoting knowledge, principle values and justice, among all societies and cultures in the world

Sayyed Abdulmalik: Yemen to Escalate Against ‘Israel’, Has Very Important, Sensitive Options 

News - Yemen: The leader of the revolution, Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi, emphasized that the Israeli occupation of Rafah does not only target the Palestinian people but is also a display of aggression against the Egyptian people and army. 


He stated that the invasion of Rafah is a challenge to Egypt and poses a threat to its security, as it violates agreements with Egypt.

In his weekly speech, Sayyed Abdulmalik stated that the invasion of Rafah in a provocative manner is an insult to Arabs and Muslims, explaining that the Zionist aggression on Rafah targets the displaced people there.

He added that the enemy's targeting of Rafah has not stopped, but through this ground operation, they aim to commit more massacres, while the US tries to deceive public opinion by presenting a false image of what the Israeli enemy is doing in Rafah.

Sayyed Abdulmalik wondered, "When the US says it agrees to the operation in Rafah on the condition of evacuating civilians, where do they go when the entire sector is targeted?"

He pointed out that it was the US who signaled to the Israelis to occupy the Rafah crossing, and American statements have confirmed the provision of options for operations in specific locations.

He further noted that the US clearly encouraged the Israeli occupation of Rafah, and it is complicit in all its crimes. He explained that the danger now lies in what remains of Rafah and the potential massacres and great suffering that may result from the aggression against the Palestinian people.

He emphasized that the aggression on Rafah aims to exacerbate the suffering of the Palestinian people, impose further siege and starvation. 

He added that the US is trying to deceive public opinion through claims of pressuring the Israeli enemy by halting weapon shipments, while they have provided them with a huge stockpile of bombs and weapons. Once the aggression against Gaza is decided to be stopped, the Israeli enemy will stop and will not take any further steps.

Sayyed Abdulmalik also pointed out that the United States has previously provided large shipments of weapons to the Israeli enemy, enough to exterminate the people in Rafah. 

He emphasized that occupying the Rafah crossing will not achieve any military accomplishment for the enemy because it is a civilian area, not a military front for the mujahideen. 

In another regard, the leader commented on the pro-Palestine protests saying that the US does not even listen to student demonstrations at universities; instead, it suppresses and responds to them violently, disregarding their own laws.

He clarified that it is the responsibility of Arabs and Muslims to take practical steps against the enemy in response to their targeting of the people and displaced individuals in Rafah. 

“Arabs and Muslims should not remain spectators, and there must be practical measures to support the Palestinian people. Egypt, in particular, should take the lead in the Arab movement and adopt a firm stance to pressure the enemy to evacuate the Rafah crossing,” the leader affirmed.

Regarding the aggression on Rafah, Sayyed Abdulmalik affirmed that the memorandum regarding the Rafah crossing is not sufficient and will not draw any attention from the Israeli enemy.

He expressed that issuing statements of condemnation will not benefit us as Arabs and Muslims, nor will it rid us of the American danger. The events and evidence decisively indicate the importance of reviving the conscious, faithful, and militant spirit within the nation.

“The Islamic nation needs to be at a level of deterrence against its enemies to push away the danger. Only serious action can be fruitful when the enemy ignores the calls of the people and disregards the magnitude of the crimes committed,” the leader affirmed.

The leader praised the student movement demanding an end to the aggression on Gaza, as it represents a human voice expressing innate human values. He commented that the student movement has exposed the Zionists of America and the West, who used to claim adopting “freedom and rights”.

In the same regard, he said, "We hoped to witness student protests in support of Palestine in Arab countries," but unfortunately, students and people are restrained in many Arab countries, even from popular demonstrations.

He emphasized the importance of political and media support from the Islamic world for the student protests, urging Muslim communities to actively support the protests through media and social platforms.

He also commended Turkey's announcement regarding its measures to restrict exports to or trade relations with the Israeli enemy. He expressed hope that Turkey's step would reach its full potential in severing trade relations with Israel, and he urged other Arab countries that export or import goods to and from the Israeli enemy to follow Turkey's lead.

The leader praised the stance of Arab countries that refused to allow the US to use their territories to target Yemen, hoping they would be more liberated from the US hegemony.

Yemen Is Ready for More Escalation

Sayyed Abdulmalik announced that operations on the Yemeni front continue to target American, Israeli, and British ships, as well as those associated with the Israeli enemy. 

In his speech, he emphasized that Yemen has important strategic options that affect the enemy and that Yemen has disregarded all the threats directed at it, indicating that Yemen builds its positions on readiness for all possibilities. 

He noted that with the Israeli aggression on Rafah, it includes the fourth escalation phase of the Yemeni Armed Forces, targeting any ships of any company involved in supplying or transporting goods to the enemy and in any direction they may head.

Sayyed Abdulmalik clarified, "Any ship carrying goods to enemy ports after the issuance of the embargo decision will be a target for us wherever our hands reach." He pointed out Yemen's practical pursuit of the fifth phase and that the ceiling of the fourth phase will be strengthened and gradually gain momentum, stating, "There are no political calculations that affect us at the level of our stance, and we are not influenced by the interests of incentives or intimidation."

He added, "If any Arab country wishes us to activate those capabilities in its warehouses instead of letting them rust or be misused, we are ready to activate them against the Israeli enemy".

Summary of Yemeni military operations

The leader of the Yemeni revolution presented statistics on Yemeni military operations, confirming that the number of operations during the month of Shawwal reached 25 operations carried out with 71 ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and drones. He pointed out that the number of targeted ships reached 112 ships, with operations during this week involving 10 ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and drones.

He mentioned that the number of trainees in popular military mobilization and rehabilitation reached 296,000 amidst continued and significant achievements in this aspect. 

The leader also revealed Yemen's efforts to develop the capabilities of the Armed Forces and provide resources to achieve significant goals.

“Whenever the enemy resorts to escalation, we should escalate further at all levels and activities,” he warned.

Praising the weekly popular pro-Palestine marches that were witnessed in Yemen, the leader mentioned that in the last week while the Armed Forces spokesman announced the fourth-round escalation against “Israel”, the total number of demonstrations and marches has reached 4,250.

He concluded by affirming the importance of the pro-Palestine marches, calling on the Yemeni People to gather tomorrow in million-strong demonstrations in Sana'a and other provinces.

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This page is the English version of Almasirah Media Network website and it focuses on delivering all leading News and developments in Yemen, the Middle East and the world. In the eara of misinformation imposed by the main stream media in the Middle East and abroad, Almasirah Media Network strives towards promoting knowledge, principle values and justice, among all societies and cultures in the world

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