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Leader of the Revolution Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi Speaks on the Latest Palestine Development and Regional Updates, text in English (May 9, 2024)

Speech by Al-Sayyed Abdul Malik Badruddin Al-Houthi on the Latest Developments Thursday, 1 Dhu Al-Qadah 1445 A.H. (9 May 2024 A.D.)

I seek refuge in Allah from Shaytan, the outcast.

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.

Praise is to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. I believe that there is no god but Allah, the Sovereign and the Manifest Truth, and that Muhammad, our master, is His servant, Messenger, and Last Prophet.

O Allah, confer Your salat and blessings upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad as You conferred Your salat and blessings upon Ibrahim and the Family of Ibrahim. You are Owner of Praise, Owner of Glory! And be pleased with Muhammad's good companions and all Your righteous servants and mujahidin.

Brothers and sisters, peace be upon you and the mercy of Allah and His blessings.

Allah (Glory be to Him) says in the Holy Quran, {'You see many of them rushing into sin and aggression and the devouring of [what is] unlawful. How wretched is what they have been doing'}[Al Maidah 5:62].

Entering the eighth month, in the thirty-first week, for 216 days, the Israeli enemy continues its savage aggression on the Gaza Strip and keeps committing daily acts of genocide targeting the defenseless Palestinian people and killing children, women, and civilians. The number of massacres has reached over 3,140. Day after day, mass graves emerge, bearing witness to the horrendous level of criminality and brutality displayed by the Israeli enemy. The number of martyrs, wounded, missing, and captives in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, according to incomplete statistics, is approximately 130,500 Palestinians, with the majority being children and women.

This week has witnessed an Israeli aggression with a ground attack on the eastern part of Rafah, where many displaced people reside. It also occupied a civilian facility, namely the Rafah crossing bordering Egypt, which is the last lifeline through which very limited amounts of food and humanitarian supplies enter the Gaza Strip. When the enemy occupied the Rafah crossing, it brought in a large number of tanks to invade that civilian facility in a show of military force. It followed that with what reflected its arrogance and haughtiness. In fact, this show is not only directed against the Palestinian people but also against the Egyptian people and their army. The operation itself constitutes an act of defiance to the Arab Republic of Egypt and constitutes a threat to its security and stability. Moreover, it is a violation and breach of the treaties previously made between the entity and the Egyptian regime. This provocative and arrogant display is aimed at taunting Arabs and Muslims and belittling them.

The enemy's targeting and aggression on Rafah—its targeting of Rafah, its aggression on east Rafah and the crossing point, and the constant threat it poses to the rest of Rafah—is an aggression against the displaced, whose number in Rafah is estimated to be around one million and two hundred thousand displaced persons. People crowd there in huge numbers, with no other shelter to seek refuge in. Therefore, it is an aggression against the displaced there, who are constantly targeted by airstrikes, and the threat they face at this stage is more than any threat faced at any previous stage. The situation is extremely dangerous, as the enemy may commit numerous massacres against the displaced individuals in Rafah.

The Israeli enemy continues its crimes in in every part of Gaza. From the north to the south and throughout the Gaza Strip, there is ongoing aggression and continued targeting of the Gaza Community. The Palestinian people are subject to all forms of targeting. The Israeli enemy seeks to continue this bloody cycle through the comprehensive targeting of Rafah, as it has done in the rest of the Strip. In fact, the crimes it carried out through airstrikes and its targeting of Rafah have not stopped, yet with this ground operation, it aims to commit further massacres.

The American position is trying to deceive public opinion and present a deceitful and false image to global public opinion regarding its stance on what the Israeli enemy is doing in Rafah and its advance toward the crossing and east Rafah, too. The Americans portray their approval as subject to the condition of presenting a plan, as they say, for evacuating civilians and displaced persons from Rafah, but to where? This means returning them to the same squares and places where they were targeted, which are devastated and constantly targeted by the [Israeli] enemy on a daily basis. Will they be returned to Khan Yunis, to the northern part of the Strip, to all those areas that are constantly targeted, witness the continued killing of people, and have been completely destroyed? This is what the Americans present as a pretext—that is, their approval is given on the condition of waiting for a plan to evacuate civilians; however, there is no doubt that they are the ones who signaled to the Israeli enemy to occupy the Rafah crossing. Statements have been issued by some Americans, revealing that suggestions and options were presented by the American side to the Israeli side to carry out certain operations in Rafah, including specific areas, sites, and facilities as a first step at this stage. Even on the night preceding the invading operation, some Americans made statements indicating that they had presented options to the Israelis to carry out what they described as limited operations involving specific areas, sites, and facilities. It is perfectly clear that the Americans are the ones who encouraged the Israelis to occupy the Rafah crossing, although they know that it is the last lifeline for the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, through which very little food and humanitarian aid enters to the Palestinian people. Despite this, they [the Americans] went ahead with this move, encouraged the Israelis, and facilitated the conditions for them, and the Americans are a partner in all their crimes. The danger still looms over the rest of Rafah, with the potential for large massacres, great tragedies, and immense suffering for the Palestinian people, in the Gaza Strip in general, and in Rafah itself in particular; therefore, the American position is merely deception and an act of pulling the wool over the eyes, as they say. It seeks to deceive public opinion and to subject the Palestinian people further to suffering, starvation, and siege, aiming to increase the suffering of the Palestinian people. Otherwise, this step would not have come after the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas announced its agreement regarding the proposed draft, presented by the mediators to work on a ceasefire and end the siege. After that [announcement], the Israeli enemy took this step.

The Americans also try, in the context of deceiving public opinion, to say that they have halted one of the shipment of weapons and bombs they provide for the Israeli enemy to continue its aggressive operations and crimes of genocide in Gaza. They also try to portray themselves to public opinion as pressing for the cessation of any further Israeli steps. It is known to all observers familiar with the overall situation and the nature of the American role and the American influence over the Israelis that once the Americans decide to stop the aggression on Gaza, it will stop. This will make the Israelis take no further steps or even stop. Therefore, all it takes is a true intention and a decision from the American side to stop the aggression on Rafah. The Israelis will not proceed with the aggression on Rafah if the Americans make a serious decision. However, the Americans pretend that they do not want the Israelis to take such a step and that they are exerting pressure on them, while they [the Americans] have supplied them with a huge stockpile and large quantities of bombs and weapons. Some Americans say that the Israeli enemy already has a huge stockpile of bombs that were banned as part of this shipment. Many shipments have been provided to them [the Israelis] before, sufficient to exterminate the residents and the displaced in Rafah. They are acting with the aim of deceiving public opinion. Therefore, no one should ever be deceived by the American position, which aims to present a false image. The Americans have a fundamental role; they are an active partner in all the genocide crimes in Gaza against the Palestinian people. They have played a fundamental role in the enemy's reoccupation of the Rafah crossing, from which it was previously expelled and will be expelled again, Allah willing.

Since the first moment, the aggression on eastern Rafah has affected three hundred thousand displaced people in those particular areas in eastern Rafah. With such a large number, one can only imagine the impact on the rest! Therefore, it is an aggression against the displaced persons, civilians, residents, and inhabitants in Rafah. The enemy will not achieve any military achievement there. Occupying the crossing itself (the Rafah crossing) is not a military achievement because the mujahidin do not have a front there. The Al-Qassam Brigades do not have a front in the crossing itself. They avoid complicating matters and sensitivities with the Egyptian side, and they are also keen to avoid providing any pretext or justification for the Israeli enemy. That is why they did not establish a military front to fight in it and to prevent any military advancement towards it. It is a civilian facility. In addition, the Palestinian brothers in the rest of the battlefronts are firm and keep fighting. In the north and centre of the Gaza Strip, they keep fighting and remain steadfast and firm, inflicting significant losses on the enemy in all battlefronts. The Al-Qassam Brigades, the Al-Quds Brigades, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, and all other factions stationed and fighting there steadfastly and firmly keep fighting. Hence, when the Israeli enemy advances in aggression against parts of Rafah or targets Rafah in general, it will not achieve any military achievement. Steadfastness still exists even in the north of the Gaza Strip, and the firmness of the mujahidin remains in all parts of the Gaza Strip. However, as we mentioned, it [the Israeli enemy] aims to inflict a catastrophe on the Palestinian people there, to cause the greatest harm and suffering to the residents and the displaced persons in Rafah and to tighten its grip even further on the rest of the Strip.

The Americans no longer pays attention to the condemnation from many countries around the world, nor do they even pay attention to the student protests and demonstrations taking place in American universities, which it suppresses and responds to with violence, disregarding the law and flouting all their laws, regulations, and customs. Therefore, Muslims in general, and Arabs in particular, have a responsibility to take additional practical steps against the Israeli enemy when it commits such aggressive, criminal acts that target the residents of Rafah and the displaced people there and that have made it possible for it to occupy the Rafah crossing, which is a civilian facility and a vital lifeline for the limited supply of food, medicine, and essential needs to the Palestinian people. The position of Muslims in general, with Arabs at the forefront, should not be the position of passive spectators: not taking additional measures and positions against the Israeli enemy. It is necessary to support the Palestinian people and take additional practical steps against the Israeli enemy.

What has happened is considered a threat to the Arab Republic of Egypt, a danger to it, and a violation of the agreements with it. Therefore, it is also expected that the Arab Republic of Egypt should be at the forefront of this Arab movement and lead it towards a strong, decisive position to exert pressure on the Israeli enemy to evacuate and withdraw from the crossing and end its occupation. That is because the crossing is a civilian facility and part of the occupied Palestinian territory. It [the Arab Republic of Egypt] is supposed to take steps, and it actually has various options: political and diplomatic options, economic options, and other multiple options. At the very least, it should mobilize its people. If the regimes no longer dare to adopt any position, they should give space to their people and see. They will find that the peoples will move significantly even in those countries where they are suppressed, oppressed, and subdued. Indeed, the people will move significantly and actively, so the regimes should make room for them to take action.

The Egyptian protest memorandum is not sufficient, and the Israeli enemy will not pay any attention to it, nor will it give it any consideration. The more the tragedy of the Palestinian people intensifies, the more the burden of negligence, shortcoming, and passively watching the tragedy grow on the part of the negligent ones, whether they are governments or peoples. Therefore, the responsibility is great.

Taking such aggressive steps, which exacerbate the suffering of the Palestinian people and also adds to the criminality of the Israelis, demonstrates to everyone that enmity, that criminality, and their background. That is because behind such criminality and brutality that we see the Israeli enemy practicing, there is a background of malevolence and intense enmity towards Arabs and Muslims in general, a disdain for humanity, and a lawless nature. They are the ones whom Allah described that they said, {'There is no blame upon us concerning the ummiyyun [those who received no divine scripture]'}[Ali 'Imran 3:75]: They violate others, blood, honour, wealth, and everything. At the same time, they harbour malevolence, living in a state of the malevolence that they have been raised upon since childhood: A child of theirs is brought up and raised on malevolence, so it becomes deeply rooted within him as a psychological state, an ill-feeling, a belief, a culture, and an ideology, and he acts upon it. They carry intense enmity towards Muslims, especially Arabs, as a belief, culture, and ideology. They also harbour it as an extremely intense psychological ill-feeling and contempt, as Allah has said about them in the Holy Quran, {'But when they are alone, they bite their fingertips at you in rage'}[Ali 'Imran 3:119]. They describe others as not being human and present themselves with a different image than the rest of humanity.

In addition to that, the Israeli enemy receives support from the Zionists of the West. Furthermore, the Zionists of the West, with their malevolence and greed (as we see the American position at the forefront, the British position, the position of other countries and European regimes), combine malevolence, immense greed, and the Zionist ideology that is based on the belief that the Jews are the chosen people of Allah and calls for supporting and empowering them to occupy Palestine and even more than Palestine. This means fulfilling their aspirations for the borders they have drawn for themselves. Such an ideology also believes that their support is considered a source of blessings and that they must be glorified, sanctified, supported, and assisted, for the sake of the second coming of the Messiah and the salvation of the world, as they perceive it. Indeed, they hold this belief; this means that they move based on a religious background, emotion, and creed that they adhere to and consider as part of their religion. At the same time, they had and continue to have immense greed for centuries in the Arab region, aiming to occupy it (due to its geographical location), to plunder its natural resources, to exterminate its peoples, and to exploit those they can. They also harbour clear, undoubted malevolence towards Muslims solely based on their religious identity. They express it in their books and cultures, and based on it, they draw their conspiracies, schemes, etc., against this Ummah. All of this shows the aggression, criminality, malevolence, and greed of the Israeli enemy; the Western support it receives; the background of malevolence, greed, and Zionist beliefs; and the position of the rest of the world, which never goes beyond issuing statements and resolutions, expressing criticism, or protesting. However, when it comes to what benefits us as Arabs and Muslims and what can protect us from danger, mere statements of condemnation or denunciation from here or there will not benefit us in anything, nor will they avert the danger from us. The Americans ultimately ignored statements and expressions of condemnation from here or there. What our reality requires is something else. All of these events, this situation, these facts and evidence unequivocally indicate the importance of reviving the conscious spirit of Jihad and faith within the Ummah.

The Ummah needs to be at the level of deterring its enemies and to be in the required state of strength, readiness, and effectiveness in confronting the enemies and repelling danger. This is what is beneficial. As for a state of apathy and inaction in the face of the enemy's malevolence, greed, dangerous beliefs, satanic and false beliefs, which serve as the driving force behind unjust positions, tyranny, criminality, and occupation, the Ummah is only benefited by taking serious action. When the enemy's reality becomes one where it does not listen to the calls of the peoples and do not care about the magnitude of the crimes, acts of genocide, and other things, we find the importance for the Ummah to possess deterrence. In addition, it is necessary to revive the spirit of Jihad and pride within the Ummah.

That is why Allah (Glory be to Him) says in the Holy Quran, addressing His Prophet (PBUH&F), who is the exemplar and role model for the Ummah, {'So fight in the cause of Allah [O Prophet]. You are accountable for none but yourself. And motivate the believers [to fight], so perhaps Allah will curb the disbelievers' might. And Allah is far superior in might and in punishment'}[An-Nisa 4:84]. In His saying, {'so perhaps Allah will curb the disbelievers' might'}, we find that responding to Allah (Glory be to Him) and taking action in His cause according to His instructions and teachings are what will yield this result, by the grace, assistance, support, and aid of Allah (Glory be to Him).{'So perhaps Allah will curb the disbelievers' might. And Allah is far superior in might and in punishment.'} Moreover, we see how Allah addresses His believing servants, saying, {'Fight them; Allah will punish them by your hands, disgrace them, give you victory over them, and satisfy the breasts of a believing people'}[At-Tawbah 9:14].

So the Ummah needs to break free from the state of inertia and passivity that has affected many of its peoples and sons and to take such conscious action. When we talk about having a conscious spirit of Jihad, [we mean] it is the one that accurately identifies the enemy according to the Holy Quran and according to the evident reality. Allah has identified for us in the Holy Quran the enemy that holds the greatest animosity and hatred towards us as Muslims: {'You will surely find that the most intense of people in enmity towards the believers are the Jews}—the Jews and their affiliates—{and those who associate others with Allah'}[Al-Ma'idah 5:82]. They are enemies of our Ummah, conspiring against it, targeting it, and aligning themselves with whatever the enemy aligns with, especially if that enemy is a criminal, morally and humanly bankrupt, hateful, greedy, arrogant, oppressive, corrupt, and affiliated with Shaytan; such an enemy poses a grave danger to the Ummah. Therefore, ignoring it does not provide a solution for the Ummah. Taking action in a conscious, right way is a must. Jihad- and faith-based instruction is what elevates the Ummah to a state of readiness to face dangers and to the level of confronting challenges. When this becomes the steadfast strategy and the correct vision that the Ummah moves based on, it will change the reality of the Ummah. That is because the belief and expectation of some that they can receive support and protection from here or there is indeed an illusion and a mirage that will not benefit them in any way.

Ironically, some regimes and some rulers, even at this stage and despite what is currently happening in Gaza, continue to negotiate with America to obtain agreements to protect them. They seek to enter into protection agreements and seek attention from the American side and its commitment to their protection—security and military agreements. If Israel wanted to do anything to them, America would not have a problem with Israel. On the contrary, it would facilitate whatever it desires and benefit from its influence and impact, as well as infiltrating in institutions of any state here or there or any regimes here or there to serve Israel. It usually provides Israel with the opportunity to obtain the information it wants, engage in espionage activities and infiltration, and enjoy influence and impact that serves it. The Americans always take the Israeli interests into consideration. There is absolutely no value for Arabs nor any consideration for any Arab or Muslim in the eyes of the Americans, in the eyes of the Zionists who govern and dominate America and are the decision-makers there. Therefore, the Ummah needs to move and revive the conscious aspect of faith and Jihad. The events are not just random occurrences that come and go. The enemy moves within a vision, within a strategy, and within a long-term action plan and has many goals it seeks to achieve. That is why the Ummah must move in response to that with a steadfast vision and a correct strategy that benefits and serves it.

Being raised on faith and Jihad also preserves one's humanity, revives his conscience, instills in him a sense of responsibility, and heal the low spirit and the unhealthy, downward state that many people suffer from. When they see such tragedies endured by the Palestinian people, when they see the unparalleled oppression inflicted upon the Palestinian people, and when they see the extremely heinous Israeli crimes without feeling anything, showing any response, taking action, or feeling the responsibility to take action, this is an extremely serious state. Falling into this state makes one lose his humanity, his human worth, his human conscience, his human values, his morals, and his human emotions. Therefore, the Holy Quran warns of hearts being sealed. The sealing of hearts is a significantly grave state because it leads to two terrible losses for humans:

  • loss of their human emotions
  • and loss of their human consciousness, becoming emotionally numb and unable to comprehend, understand, or perceive.


Being raised on faith and Jihad keeps positions according to the right criteria, for the language or way of talking some people use is focused on personal material interests. That is, what is important to them is to ensure that their material interests are met, no matter what the consequences might be. They forget that they may even lose their material interests in the end. Indeed, they may lose everything and the time may come when they find themselves in a very precarious situation, not prepared neither psychologically, nor mentally, nor in reality, nor at the level of work, to be at the level of the effective position that protects them from danger and wards off evil. On the other hand, faith-based instruction elevates people to face events with mental, psychological, practical, and realistic readiness that benefits and protects them from harm.

It is evident how Zionists, on a global level and within Western society itself, strive to destroy human values and devoid humans of them. They attempt to turn humans into animals, just like all other animals, and make them feel that they are not different from other animals. Actually, some in Europe have even gone so far as turning their lifestyle into one of dogs, barking like dogs and wearing specific clothing that introduces them as if they were dogs. Some might also introduce themselves as monkeys or other animals. Indeed, there is a deliberate effort, a plan by Zionists to destroy human values and empty human beings of their humanity, morals, and values so that they become mere animals they [Zionists] can exploit as they please. Therefore, everyone should act to liberate himself from this Zionist influence that threatens humans in their humanity, life, values, peace, and security.

In this context, we commend the student movement demanding an end to the aggression on Gaza because it represents a human voice that expresses innate human values. It also exposes the Zionists in the West, the Zionists in America and in Europe, who speak about liberal values (freedom, rights, and more), but all those claims have been lost in their handling and suppression of student protests.

The scope of student protests has expanded to include universities in many countries, including America, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Japan, Brazil, and many other countries. We had hoped to have a list of Arab countries where there have also been student protests in support of the Palestinian people, so that we could speak of such a list and mention many Arab countries. Unfortunately, students and peoples are restrained in many Arab countries even from taking such a position.

Popular demonstrations have also taken place in several countries, including Britain, France, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, America, Malaysia, Australia, and Japan. This means there is a growing popular awakening, and these voices and protests appear in many countries. Therefore, it is not appropriate for Muslims in the Islamic world to remain silent, passive, and rigid. The more the Israeli enemy takes further steps, the more they freeze, remain silent, and stay silent. As time goes by, the tragedy of the Palestinian people intensifies, and the Israeli enemy continues with its acts of genocide, while they [Arab countries] remain silent. This is not appropriate for them at all!

The student demonstrations have disturbed the Zionists, and they expressed their concerns in many of their statements, especially since they are happening among the elite student community. This is worrying for them. It carries significant meaning due to the role that university usually play in Western societies.

Suppressive regimes aligned with Zionism in the West have resorted to targeting student protests with violence, brutality, humiliating arrests, brutal beatings, malicious media campaigns, and defamatory statements made by officials against students. The number of detained students and teachers from American universities has exceeded two thousand six hundred individuals, male and female. They continue their daily attempts to suppress any student protest.

And they use the title of 'anti-Semitism' to silence voices and confiscate freedoms. For instance, if someone, be it a student or any gathering, speaks out against the killing of children in Gaza, it is considered, as they say, anti-Semitism. They take various measures based on this, including dispersing protests, making arrests, expelling students from universities, resorting to brutal beatings, defamation, propaganda campaigns, and incitement against those students. This is what is happening. They use this title in Western societies with the aim of silencing voices and attempting to fully subjugate the society in Western countries to Zionism and Zionists. It is an extreme excess. Although they even allow insults against Allah, insults and defamation of His messengers and prophets, and even insults against Jesus (PBUH), as in America and Europe, where they allow insults against Jesus (PBUH), it is prohibited to express even criticism against the Jews or Israel. Not only expressing criticism is prohibited but also demanding an end to the killing of children in Gaza. They classify that as anti-Semitism. Shouting for an end to the crimes of genocide against the Palestinian people is considered anti-Semitism. This is how they see it.

We hope that these protests continue and expand, and it is important that they receive support, especially political and media support and encouragement. We in the Islamic world, activists on social media platforms, those entities that have taken a position, have a sense of responsibility, and move to support the Palestinian people, should support student protests in America, Europe, Canada, Australia, and all other countries. There should be support on social media platforms, as well as within communities, despite the challenges they face. They should contribute actively in the media through social media platforms and the various available media outlets. Additionally, at the political level, there should be support in the form of statements and positions. This is important. Furthermore, there should be a media campaign against the oppressive practices that violate rights by regimes aligned with Zionism in America and the West. This is of utmost importance.

As the Israeli enemy continues in its brutal aggression and whenever it takes new steps, we as Muslims has a responsibility to fulfill, so does human society, taking into account the humanitarian considerations. In fact, it is also the humanitarian, moral, and religious responsibility of Muslims to make more efforts and expand the scope of action. New measures should be taken by the Islamic Ummah, and governments should be ashamed of their silence and complacency. Whenever the Israeli enemy commits further crimes, prolongs the aggression, or takes new steps, they should be ashamed of their state of inaction, silence, and passivity and should adopt additional measures. Therefore, we commend Turkey's announcement regarding its measures to limit exports and trade relations with the Israeli enemy. We hope, Allah willing, that these steps will reach a level of a complete severance of trade relations on Turkey's part with the Israeli enemy. We also hope that those Arab countries that export goods to or receive goods from the Israeli enemy and have economic and trade relations with it, will follow suit.

 We also hope for extensive activity and educational, media, and awareness-raising campaigns to promote the expansion of boycotting American and Israeli goods and those companies that support Israel. This is an important matter. Usually, we see in the media a considerable level of influence on some major companies known for supporting the Israeli enemy, as they have begun to suffer losses, even though the level of boycott is still limited. This field is significant and impactful against enemies, and it is accessible even in countries where people suffer from suppression and are prevented from holding demonstrations or marches. They can compensate for that by engaging in boycott in greater and stronger way. This aspect is fundamental because people have a responsibility before Allah and often can contribute to supporting the Palestinian people. Therefore, when a person does not contribute with anything, even with what is available and possible, this makes him fall into sin, bear a great burden, and fall short of his responsibility before Allah (Glory be to Him).

Regarding the supporting fronts, Hezbollah is intensifying its operations. Although the so-called Israeli Defense Minister made certain threats and warnings against Hezbollah, big operations were carried out on the same day and thereafter, and they will continue, as Hezbollah escalates whenever the Israeli enemy escalates.

On the Yemen front (Yemen of Jihad and Yemen of the conquerors) operations continue to target American, Israeli, and British ships and those ships associated with the Israeli enemy. The number of targeted ships has reached 112. During this week, the operations have involved ten ballistic and winged missiles and drones. The total number of operations during the month of Shawwal was 25, carried out with 71 ballistic and winged missiles and drones.

At the beginning of this week, the fourth stage of escalation was announced. We spoke about it in the previous speech, on Thursday. A statement was also issued by the armed forces on Friday. There were three stages before the fourth stage:

  • At the first stage, the operations included winged and ballistic missile strikes targeting the Israeli enemy in southern occupied Palestine and its ships in the Red Sea.
  • The second stage then followed, targeting any ship heading towards the enemy's ports through the Red Sea, even those belonging to other countries—this was the second stage—as long as their cargo was intended for the Israeli enemy and heading for its ports through the Red Sea. Then, the targeting also included American and British ships in consequence of the American and British aggression carried out against our country in support of the Israeli enemy and with aim of maintaining the siege, criminality, and acts of genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza.
  • The third stage involved expanding the scope of targeting and the theatre of operations to the Indian Ocean.
  • As for the fourth stage, it was clearly outlined in the statement issued by the armed forces. It involves the targeting of the ships that violate the decision to ban Israeli navigation wherever our hands can reach. As a result of the Israeli aggression on Rafah, the same applies to any ships belonging to any company involved in supplying or transporting goods for the Israeli enemy, regardless of their destination. This means that the matter is not conditional on whether the ships are heading towards ports in occupied Palestine with goods for the Israeli enemy: As long as companies send ships to ports in occupied Palestine for the Israeli enemy, these measures will be taken against them wherever our hands can reach, whether they were carrying goods for the Israeli enemy at the moment of targeting or not. If they have transported any cargo after the ban, they will be a target wherever our hands can reach and regardless of which port in occupied Palestine they are heading towards. If those ships have transported [cargo] to ports through the Mediterranean Sea, they will be a target wherever our hands can reach. In brief, if the ship is within the reach of our capabilities and means at the time of targeting, we will not hesitate to target it.

We continuously strive to develop our military capabilities. When we make a decision at a specific stage, it means that we have reached the capabilities necessary to implement that decision up to that level. We then prepare to expand the scope of our work and provide the required momentum at that level, before preparing once again for what lies beyond within a broader and greater extent. This means we are now also considering the fifth stage and the sixth stage, and we have highly important, effective, and impactful options against our enemies, with no red lines capable of hindering us. There are only two factors at play: legal and moral principles and the level of means and capabilities [we have]. Therefore, in terms of developing capabilities and securing means, we strive to achieve, by the will of Allah, significant objectives.

The grievance endured by the Palestinian people is a major grievance, and the suffering of the Palestinian people is immense. There is a humanitarian, moral, and religious responsibility, and the Israeli enemy is an enemy to the entire Ummah, posing a threat and danger to global security and peace. The American role in this is an aggressive, brutal, criminal, and arrogant position that shows no regard for any values, laws, conventions, or any consideration. Hence, this enemy only understands the language of force, the use of force and deterrence, so the Ummah needs to focus on deterrence. That is why we strive to enhance our capabilities. As of this moment, we are considering enhancing our capabilities. We are thinking about the fifth stage and practically strive for it. Our position at the fourth stage will be more effective, Allah willing, and gradually gain momentum. We will then move on to the fifth stage. As I said before, we have significant, effective, and impactful strategic options against the enemy, and with the help and support of Allah, we will reach them.

There are no political calculations that influence our position. By the grace of Allah, our movement is driven by religion, faith, ethics, values, and the Quran. Therefore, we are not among those who submit to the influences of enticement or intimidation in the name of self-interests. We faced temptations and threats to a great extent, but we will never be concerned by them. We are focused on preparing for all possibilities.

Therefore, in our current reality, which is a reality of liberation, thanks to Allah, and allowed us to take the appropriate position, if every Arab and Islamic country were to adopt a position befitting their responsibility and cooperate among themselves, the current reality would never have occurred—the reality would have entirely changed.

Therefore, within the framework of this reality and in response to the lack of utilization of the immense and diverse capabilities possessed by Arab countries, if any Arab country desires that we utilize those capabilities in its arsenal, instead of leaving them vulnerable to rust or misusing them to target Muslims here or there or targeting peoples, we are ready to utilize those capabilities against the Israeli enemy.

In this context, we also commend the stance of Arab countries that did not allow the Americans to use their territories to target our country. Given their difficult situation at sea, the Americans attempted to exert pressure on some Arab countries, seeking to the lands of Arab countries in the aggression against our country. That also involved African countries, as well. However, some Arab countries rejected this and did not agree to the American's use of their territories to target our country. We commend this position and hope that Arab countries will show more liberation.

In our previous speech, we referred to the liberation witnessed in many African countries. Indeed, it would have been more fitting for Arab countries to be the first to witness this liberation. Why do they continue to remain submissive and obedient to the Americans?! Moreover, why do some Arab countries, governments, systems, and rulers tend to become more submissive and compliant to the Americans and seek refuge in them?! This represents a deeply ingrained complex of feeling immense weakness.

For those who perceive that they cannot protect themselves except through the Americans and that they will not feel secure against any threat except by seeking refuge with the Americans, this is a feeling of helplessness and weakness. Some countries may perceive themselves as strong and capable, but they lack a proper understanding and perspective on how to achieve self-protection through adopting sound policies in their Arab and Islamic environment instead of aggressive and negative policies and through building their capabilities within a positive relationship with the Islamic Ummah in terms of economy and other areas, which benefits the people of our Ummah, instead of further relying on and submitting to the Americans.

Regarding popular activities, they are excellent, active, and abundant, thanks to Allah. The marches and demonstrations had even more momentum in the past week than the week before, and this was significant as it coincided with the announcement of the fourth stage of escalation. The total number of demonstrations and marches has reached four thousand two hundred and fifty.

As for the popular events and stands, including student stands, seminars, and evenings, they have exceeded three hundred thousand in number.

At the level of military training, the number of trainees within the framework of the mobilization effort reached approximately 296,000, which is close to 300,000 trainees. This is a good achievement, and Allah willing, the participation will continue to be high until it reaches a large number. Additionally, with regards to mobilization at the military level, there are numerous and diverse activities, in the hundreds, including military maneuvers, parades, and processions.

The weekly million-person demonstrations continue to take place and have become part of the weekly schedule for millions of our dear people. This is a great and important thing and a significant experience. That is, when a person includes in his weekly priorities—many are the tasks a person has during a week, as he goes to the market, engages in work to earn a living, and carries out tasks within his responsibilities—one day of the week to participate in the million-person demonstrations as part of his weekly schedule, this participation is very important because, as we mentioned, it is part of Jihad in the cause of Allah. When a person sets out with the intention of responding to Allah and taking a position that pleases Him, this becomes part of his Jihad.

Furthermore, it also holds great importance in light of the full-fledged position of our people. The positions are fully integrated, from naval military operations to targeting the enemy in occupied Palestine, donations, boycotting American and Israeli goods, supporting the Palestinian people with donations, and other activities. When the weekly schedule of a person includes taking to the streets on Friday, a blessed day on which the obligation of Friday prayer, the middle prayer that holds significant merit—so when people take to the streets in honourable way that pleases Allah (Glory be to Him) and enrages the enemies, the disbelievers, and the munafiqin on such a blessed day (a significant day in Islam where deeds are multiplied), this holds immense importance and has become part of the priorities and routine. This is a blessing and a source of honour, and it also paves the way for one to achieve more progress at the practical level. When individuals respond to Allah at a certain level, they are also granted success to respond in greater matters and so on.

It is also among the factors that contribute to practical progress and the stance. It is a part of jihad, with a tremendous reward, as Allah (Glory be to Him) said, {'Nor do they tread on any ground that enrages the disbelievers, nor do they inflict upon an enemy any infliction but a good deed is recorded in their favour'}[At-Tawbah 9:120].

Whenever the enemy moves toward escalation, we should move towards greater escalation at all levels and in all activities, rather than responding with a decline in activities or interests. Therefore, in response to the enemy's escalation in the Rafah crossing and eastern Rafah and the anticipated threat to the rest of Rafah, more efforts should be made at all levels.

In this context, I call upon our dear people to take to the streets tomorrow (by the will of Allah) in millions at the designated squares in the capital Sana'a and the rest of the governorates and directorates to send a message of solidarity to the Palestinian people in Gaza and throughout Palestine, to the people of Rafah, and to those who have been displaced in Rafah: 'You are not alone, and we stand with you until victory.'

I ask Allah o hasten the victory and relief for the oppressed Palestinian people and the mujahidin among them and to grant us victory. O Allah (Glory be to You), have mercy on our virtuous martyrs, heal the wounded among us, set free our captives, and grant us victory. You are All-Hearing!

Peace be upon you and the mercy of Allah and His blessings.


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