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This page is the English version of Almasirah Media Network website and it focuses on delivering all leading News and developments in Yemen, the Middle East and the world. In the eara of misinformation imposed by the main stream media in the Middle East and abroad, Almasirah Media Network strives towards promoting knowledge, principle values and justice, among all societies and cultures in the world

Hidden Agendas: Unveiling Americas' Global Crimes

Yemen: The dirty threads of American administration crimes around the world are gradually being uncovered, the latest of which was revealed by Yemen’s security agencies on Monday evening, June 10, 2024. 


It is not an exaggeration to say that this revelation is a significant achievement, not just for Yemen, but for all nations and peoples whose security, sovereignty, and independence are being undermined by the international criminal administration through the recruitment of thousands of agents from their own citizens. These agents work on the ground to implement its criminal agendas, some aspects of which may be uncovered in these countries.

However, these countries do not dare to announce it due to the dominance of the American administration and its infiltration into their official agencies and institutions at various levels. The American administration could take retaliatory actions against those in high positions who dare to expose the threads of its crimes. This may be because these officials are connected to its agencies or because these agencies possess documents that, if leaked, could expose them to their people, leading to their punishment. Therefore, the crimes of the American administration against the people remain hidden. At best, discovered agents are punished by being deported to live out the rest of their lives in the United States, especially if they hold dual citizenship.

The Zionist-Western colonial powers have incurred significant material and human losses under their old colonial methods, based on direct occupation to humiliate and plunder nations. Most people recognize that occupation is a constraint on their freedom, preventing them from advancing and catching up with developed countries. They understand that their countries are merely raw material sources for colonial powers, which also use them as consumer markets for their products.

Due to the liberation tendencies of most peoples, these colonial powers have abandoned their old colonial methods but not their colonial goals. Before leaving the countries they colonized, they worked to secure their presence in various official agencies and institutions, either directly through intelligence agents working under various pretexts, such as providing advisory services or training security personnel, or by recruiting agents who work for them and carry out assigned tasks, as revealed by our country’s security agencies yesterday.

Hidden Objectives of Colonial Powers:

The presence of Zionist-Western colonial powers is not limited to military and security fields; it extends to various areas, including agriculture, industry, economy, and local affairs.

A notable example of local infiltration occurred in 2000 when the late Ali Abdullah Saleh issued the so-called Local Authority Law. Before that, he brought in intelligence agencies from Zionist-Western colonial powers to outline the development of local authority. 

Discussions in the Ministry of Local Administration revolved around funding as the driving force for any human activity, and no experiment can succeed without the necessary financial support.

During the funding discussion, foreign experts (intelligence agents) asked about the types of resources and the least costly to collect. Someone suggested zakat (alms) as a resource, and it appears this suggestion was not spontaneous but premeditated. 

Zakat is not costly to collect because it is a religious obligation that citizens are keen to fulfill on time. The experts approved this suggestion and confirmed that zakat could help the local authority experiment succeed quickly. 

However, some argued that zakat is meant for the poor and needy in Yemeni society. The colonialist then inquired about the expected annual zakat revenue, which was around twenty billion. The colonialist responded that more than double this amount would be allocated annually for the poor and needy through a donor-funded social security fund.


Indeed, forty-five billion was allocated by Western colonial powers for the Social Security Fund.

On the surface, this seemed like a significant achievement for the poor and needy. However, a closer look reveals the true aim of the Western colonial powers. 

If these powers were genuinely serious about developing the local authority experiment, they would have allocated that large sum for the experiment’s development and left zakat for its rightful recipients. But recognizing the social function of zakat in the community, their goal was to undermine this function, creating a deep rift in social relations between the poor and the rich, replacing compassion and solidarity with hatred and animosity.

By fostering hatred among the needy—poor and destitute, who make up the vast majority of the population—the attitude towards foreign donors, who provide them with various needs and feed them when they are hungry, transforms into one of goodwill.

Indeed, the foreign colonizer successfully passed its criminal agenda against our Yemeni people, which was supported at all official levels in the state. The draft law was submitted by the ministry, approved by the Cabinet, passed by Parliament, and signed into law by the President, even though the constitution clearly states that "Islamic Sharia is the source of all legislation" and that zakat "is collected by the state and distributed in its lawful channels."

The real shock was how this agenda passed through all levels of state institutions despite its blatant violation of the constitution and its contradiction to Islamic Sharia, as if all those in charge of state institutions had no interest in their religion. 

This confirms the deep infiltration of intelligence agencies into state institutions at that time, overcoming all obstacles that could have prevented their agendas from being implemented. 

Consequently, zakat became one of the local authority's resources, with its proceeds spent on furniture, equipment, travel, and more, with much worse remaining hidden. This dysfunctional situation persisted for eighteen years until the zakat funds were reclaimed in 2018 through considerable efforts that began in 2015, with direct, persistent, and continuous follow-up and determination from the revolution's leader, Sayyed Abdulmalik al-Houthi.

It is beyond the scope here to detail the three years of objections, exaggerations, and desperate defenses by some to keep zakat funds under local authority, arguing that withdrawing these funds would lead to the collapse of the local authority and the country, as they claimed at the time.

It is certain that the criminal American administration is the most benefiting from the new colonial method of soft presence in various state institutions under different titles, and through recruiting local agents in various countries where this criminal administration sees its presence serving its colonial interests, based on looting the wealth of nations. 

While it appears to these nations that it is keen on achieving growth and stability for their societies, the truth is that it is not concerned at all with achieving any form of stability, whether political, economic, social, or security, in the countries where it operates according to its new colonial method.

The goal of Zionist-Western colonial powers in general, and the American administration in particular, is to perpetuate dysfunctions in various state institutions and agencies, making these institutions appear incapable of managing even the simplest public affairs or providing the basic necessities of life for their people. 

Thus, colonial powers reappear to cover the deficiencies of state institutions by offering aid under humanitarian titles through hundreds of organizations, most of which are essentially intelligence agencies of the Zionist-Western colonial powers. These organizations gradually replace the state institutions in providing essential needs to large numbers of citizens in the countries where they operate.


At the same time, through their direct distribution and contact with the needy from Arab and other nations, these organizations bind them to themselves, weakening their connection with their own state institutions. This results in a deep rift between the citizens and their state institutions, which have failed to provide their basic life requirements.

The criminal American administration has long planned to use organizations working in humanitarian fields to achieve its goals of destroying nations and their livelihoods.

This was revealed in a secret document from the 1970s titled the National Security Memorandum, later known as the Kissinger Report, which recommended that the American administration should not announce its activities and should use non-governmental organizations and rely on multilateral agencies with humanitarian projects in most countries worldwide.

The objectives of the Zionist-Western colonial powers are not limited to the aforementioned aspects. They also study the intricate details of social relationships in Arab nations specifically, exploiting weaknesses to destroy social bonds and sow seeds of conflict within society. 

They start by destroying individuals' loyalty to their state and nation in favor of their institutions and intelligence agencies. They then aim to dismantle and fragment the social fabric. 

Their criminal goals do not stop there; they prepare society for internal conflict, which eventually leads to the destruction of the state and its institutions. This situation is becoming more apparent now in several Arab nations and other Asian and African countries, embodying the reality that "the American administration is a swamp of international crime."


Written by Abdulrahman Al-Mokhtar, Translated by Almasirah English website

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This page is the English version of Almasirah Media Network website and it focuses on delivering all leading News and developments in Yemen, the Middle East and the world. In the eara of misinformation imposed by the main stream media in the Middle East and abroad, Almasirah Media Network strives towards promoting knowledge, principle values and justice, among all societies and cultures in the world

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