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Speech by Leader of the Revolution Sayyed Abdulmalik Badruddin Al-Houthi on the Latest Developments (2 May 2024)

Speech by Leader of the Revolution Sayyed Abdulmalik Badruddin Al-Houthi on the Latest Developments


Thursday, 23 Shawwal 1445 A.H. (2 May 2024 A.D.)

I seek refuge in Allah from Shaytan, the outcast.

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.

Praise is to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. I believe that there is no god but Allah, the Sovereign and the Manifest Truth, and that Muhammad, our master, is His servant, Messenger, and Last Prophet.

O Allah, confer Your salat and blessings upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad as You conferred Your salat and blessings upon Ibrahim and the Family of Ibrahim. You are Owner of Praise, Owner of Glory! And be pleased with Muhammad's good companions and all Your righteous servants and mujahidin.

Brothers and sisters, peace be upon you and the mercy of Allah and His blessings.

For two hundred and nine days, for thirty weeks, and as the seventh month is coming to an end, the Israeli enemy continues its savage, brutal aggression against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, adopting genocide as a continuous practice and on a daily basis. This is not to mention escalating its attacks against the Palestinian people in the West Bank and other parts of occupied Palestine, along with continuous violations against the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

This week has witnessed bloody massacres as the Israeli enemy persisted in its airstrikes on residential homes, targeting civilians. As a result, hundreds have been martyred or wounded during this week, bringing the total number of martyrs, missing persons, wounded ones, and captives in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank to over 136,300 Palestinians. This is a staggering number!

One of the most prominent headlines these days is the issue of mass graves, which has gained wide attention in the media. Tragic scenes of these graves have also been displayed in the media. They talk about 140 mass graves created by the Israeli enemy since the beginning of its ground invasion of Gaza. Some of these graves contain hundreds of corpses, including the bodies of those executed by the Israeli enemy in hospitals that have been turned into mass graves. Some of the bodies were wearing splints. Some appeared with catheters at the time of their execution, and there were also other different cases that involved patients in hospitals. This serves as clear evidence that it committed the crime of genocide against patients and medical staff in hospitals.

As for the siege, it is ongoing, and the Palestinian people endure immense suffering as a result. The siege is a method of collective extermination the Israeli enemy depends on, with support from America, which has sought, over the past months, to circumvent efforts aimed at lifting the siege on the Palestinian people and providing food and medical supplies to the people in Gaza. Among the methods used by the Americans to circumvent is to drop very little food aid to the people in the Gaza Strip with means some of which cause the death of residents or drowning in the sea. It has been revealed that much of what it drops, which is very little—most of it is expired goods, sweets, and items that do not fall within the category of food or basic needs for the Palestinian people. Another thing to mention is what America seeks under the title of a maritime corridor and a floating pier, which also indicates its intention to use them as military presence for itself and Britain in the Gaza Strip. This has also to do with their aspirations for the resources in the Mediterranean Sea, especially in the same area adjacent to the Gaza Strip, as well as controlling and monitoring the aid provided to the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip to make sure they (America and Britain) can gain control over aid and be the ones through whom aid may pass. It is well known that America and Britain are solely concerned with the benefit of the Israeli enemy. In addition, all their activities and unlimited support to the Israeli enemy are clear evidence of their deep enmity towards the Palestinian people and their efforts to put an end to the Palestinian cause and enable the Israeli enemy to achieve its goals. In spite of that, they have clearly failed.

Despite the negative American role, as a participant and supporter of the Israeli enemy in the genocide against the Palestinian people and as an obstructionist that obstructed any ceasefire over the past months, despite various calls from around the world and voting on that in the United Nations and the Security Council, as the US administration opposed and prevented a ceasefire and sought to keep the genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza ongoing, there is a conscience awakening within the student community in key American universities. They are demanding an end to the genocide against the Palestinian people. Two weeks ago, students, accompanied by some teachers, mobilized in 79 American universities, and student activism gradually gained momentum, starting in some universities and then spreading to others and widening its scope. The peaceful protests and sit-ins have increased in number.

The student uprising began two weeks ago through more than 120 student organizations and faculty members. This movement has encompassed the most important American universities, often referred to as elite universities. The student protests in support of Palestine have also spread to European universities, and this has driven the entities and organizations supporting the Israeli enemy into madness. The Israeli government has been greatly disturbed by this student movement in America and Europe. The war criminal Netanyahu labeled them as Nazis. Indeed, he described the students engaging in peaceful protests and demonstrations to demand an end to the genocide against the Palestinian people as Nazis.

This student activism has exposed the American authorities and debunked their false claims. Their madness was evident as they could not tolerate this peaceful and civilized activity, and the world witnessed the extent of their cruelty and excessive violence, as well as their attempts to use humiliation and intimidation during the arrests of unarmed students and even some professors. There were scenes of students and professors being beaten with cruelty and animosity, thrown to the ground, kept in a position where others kneeling on their necks, violently and harshly restrained, and then taken into custody. This is the situation that students endure during the attacks by thugs who call themselves the American police but act like violent and brutal thugs. Some students were even subjected to suffocation as these individuals put their feet on their necks and treated them with extreme harshness, as if these students committed heinous crimes and deserved this mistreatment!

Arrest and intimidation operations are akin to military attacks, where dozens of thugs of the US authorities, mostly big-bodied, attack professors and students, mostly women. They subject them to physical violence, oppression, humiliation, and blatant mistreatment. They are harshly treated, restrained, and then accompanied to detention while they scream in pain and despair. They treat them with such savage and violent treatment, and even the high academic degree (professor) of one of the distinguished professors, even a woman, was useless in protecting her. Even having such a degree, she was assaulted and thrown to the ground, and they restrained her while she was screaming and reminding them of her rights and status: She kept telling them that [she is] a 'professor', but it was in vain. Telling them that did not help her in any way. Instead, two armed soldiers gathered around her to restrain her in a humiliating and violent manner.

This [assault] exposes American hypocrisy, American lies, American deceit, and American rhetoric about rights and freedoms. Where are those rights?! Where are those freedoms in their treatment of those students?! Their demanding an end to those crimes, the crimes of genocide against the Palestinian people, is considered a major crime that gives enough of a reason to disregard their rights, treat them with extreme and excessive cruelty, and forget about all the slogans touted by the Americans—there is no consideration for any rights, laws, values, or anything at all.

They also sent in groups claiming to be pro-Israeli students to beat them severely and violently, despite the dubious nature of this matter. Some of them may indeed be thugs and the like. The situation escalated to the use of helicopters, in a strange excess and cruelty in dealing with those students who were in peaceful sit-ins and demonstrations and legitimately called for an end to the genocide of the Palestinian people. In some universities, they used helicopters against them to intimidate them, and in other universities, they used rubber bullets. The thugs of the American regime used rubber bullets and pepper spray against the protesters. The number of arrested students has reached over 1,300. Only Allah knows to what extent the number of arrests and detainees will reach!

Speaking of the awakening of conscience in American universities and the student movement, this activity is considered important, especially by those who know the level of influence and control of Zionists in America. Zionists in America control official institutions, media outlets, and the educational process in America: Americans are brought up since childhood to be loyal to Israel, to view Israel with sanctification, reverence, and glorification. They believe that it is their religious and strategic duty, in all respects, to support Israel with all they can. Therefore, this awakening and activity in American universities is one of the fruits of the patience shown by the Palestinian people and their great grievance. That is because those tragic scenes that testify to the grievance experienced by the Palestinian people and reveal the extent of Zionist crimes are enough to awaken any trace of humanity remaining in any country in the world, in any corner on this earth.

Unfortunately, there is no activity of this kind in most Arab countries, where there is no activity opposing, confronting, or mobilizing against the Israeli enemy and demanding an end to the genocide against the Palestinian people. The stagnation, inertia, and deafening silence prevailing in most Arab countries are shameful and disgraceful. It is inconsistent with the nature of Islamic affiliation and responsibility that lies upon the Islamic countries, in the Arab region and beyond, at all levels: humanely, ethically, and in every aspect. There should be a considerable level of activity in universities, schools, and various fields across the Arab world and in different nations within the Islamic world, showing support for the Palestinian people.

In the face of this student movement in America, which clearly raises significant concerns for the American President, his foreign minister, and the American Zionist officials who support Israel, endorse Zionism, and act based on their Zionist allegiance. The extreme level of concern is evident. Indeed, this is evident in their statements and even in their harsh treatment and excessive violence against the protesters and demonstrators at universities. Therefore, it carries significant importance, and its influence is evident. We express our condemnation of the bad, severe, and excessively brutal treatment by the American authorities towards those peaceful protesters and demonstrators. We consider this as part of America's savage and brutal behaviour and its support for Israel—the kind of support that knows no constraint and is based on falsehood, injustice, criminality, and oppressive practices and policies, even within America itself. Indeed, they do that even in America.

Allah willing, this movement, along with other activities and areas of concern—as it has spread to dozens of European universities, adding to what is already taking place in many countries—will have a significant impact in supporting the Palestinian people and exerting pressure on the Americans, who play a fundamental role in the continuation of the aggression on Gaza and the ongoing crimes of genocide against the Palestinian people. As for the stubbornness shown by America, the authorities there, American politicians, and American officials, it will not benefit them in any way. Stubbornness means further involvement in the criminality they practice with the Israeli enemy, and it will lead to more resentment and (Allah willing) a growing awakening of conscience among various countries, whether at universities or elsewhere.

Regarding the resilience of the mujahidin in the Gaza Strip and the resilience of the Gaza community (the resilience of the Palestinian people in Gaza), it also carries immense significance, for it has led to the failure and defeat of the Israeli enemy: the failure to accomplish its goals or to secure victory in this battle. It has achieved nothing but that extremely heinous and utterly disgraceful criminal record.

During this period, the Israeli enemy was supposed to have—as we are approaching the end of the seventh month—successfully ended the battle in its favour, accomplished all its goals, and attained additional gains it desired to attain, such as its strong wish to completely displace the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip and turn it into an entirely uninhabitable region. However, it experienced a significant failure. During these very days and this particular week, the mujahidin brothers in the Gaza Strip continue to fight with courage, steadfastness, and effectiveness. In this very week, there has been a qualitative development in the form of those operations carried out by the mujahidin against the enemy's concentrations in the Al-Shohada Junction: The Al-Qassam Brigades carried out operations on this junction, inflicting casualties, both deaths and injuries, among the enemy soldiers, and they carried out ambushes using explosive devices, which is a kind of deadly ambushes that inflict substantial losses upon the enemy.

Furthermore, the mujahidin, representing various factions in the Gaza Strip, continue to engage in combat on different fronts: in the northern, central, and southern parts of the Stirp. Also, what even surprised the Americans, not just the Israelis, was the continuation of missile bombardment from Gaza. Among those surprises that shocked both the Americans and Israelis was the launch of a missile from Beit Lahia in the far north of the Strip, the first area invaded by the Israeli enemy during its ground invasion of the Strip. This operation targeted Ashkelon.

Whoever reflects on the extent of resilience shown by the mujahidin brothers in the Gaza Strip and the steadfastness of the Palestinian people in Gaza, despite the magnitude of grievance and tragedy, which has not broken the will of the Gaza community nor changed their position—actually, it should not change their position; rather, they should gain more steadfastness, more conviction, and adherence to their just cause. Upon reflecting and even considering the long decades of suffering endured by the Palestinian people, one cannot but realize the magnitude of this resilience.

The Palestinian people, for over a century, since the British occupation that lasted for a long period, followed by the Israeli occupation, enabled, facilitated, and supported by Britain itself, which did not withdraw until it was assured that it had arranged the situation for Israeli control and occupation over Palestine before withdrawing to hand Palestine to the Israeli occupation—throughout those long decades, the Palestinian people have endured injustice and various forms of persecution: killings, abductions, torture, razing of agricultural land, and seizure of land, homes, and villages. They have suffered different forms of aggression, experiencing daily killings on a daily basis. The prisons are filled with Palestinian people who have been abducted and taken as captives by the Israeli enemy and then tortured. It is a very comprehensive and extensive attack against the Palestinian people, targeting them to break their will and seeking to make them suffer from frustration and desperation—that is, to bring them into a state of frustration and desperation. However, despite the passage of long time, the magnitude of the tragedy, and the persistence of injustice, oppression, and repression, they [the Palestinian people] have only grown in strength, in awareness, and in holding onto their just cause and their legitimate rights. The spirit of Jihad has grown, and the reality has reached a point where the Palestinian people, at this stage, are demonstrating their resilience, steadfastness, and ability to organize themselves and their Jihad-performing forces better than any previous stage. This resilience in the face of Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip (despite the extent of Israeli brutality, tyranny, destruction, killing, and criminality, along with the limited potentials available to the Palestinian people and their mujahidin) signifies this reality. The long and growing resilience must bear great fruit, which is the fulfillment of the divine promise. Despite the extent of lethargy shown by the Arab and Islamic surroundings, this prolonged steadfastness, continuous sacrifices, immense patience, and great Jihad must ultimately yield a great outcome: the fulfillment of the divine promise. This promise must be fulfilled, and Allah (Glory be to Him) will surely accomplish it because He fulfils His promise; {'Allah never fails in His promise'}[Az-Zumar 39:20]. This outcome is to achieve victory and salvation: the promised victory and the salvation from that enemy.

In the context of the enemy's attack and as a result of the resilience shown by the Palestinian people and their mujahidin, the enemy faces clear failure and continuous losses. The reality on the one hand and the acknowledgement of the enemy's leaders, officers, and media outlets on the other hand witness to this failure and defeat. The Israeli enemy is strongly attempting to conceal its human losses, including fatalities and injuries among its soldiers and forces. It is trying to impose a severe media blackout on these losses. This also applies to the losses at the level of mental health conditions within the ranks of the soldiers and others, the mental disorders, the extent of evasion from combat by officers and soldiers, Israelis' refrain from enlistment, and resignations submitted by some officers and officials—it is expected that more officials will also resign. All of that indicates the real failure and undoubted defeat suffered by the Israeli enemy. Rather, Israeli media outlets, Israeli army leaders, and leaders in the entity, from within the ranks of the enemy, speak about the level of frustration, despair, and defeat—that is, despite that atrocities, tyranny, destruction, and genocide, they (in their reality) are in a state of defeat because they have not achieved their objectives, and at the same time, they will not get any [expected] result. Ultimately, their inevitable outcome is defeat and failure. The recorded messages of the enemy's captives held by the Al-Qassam Brigades, which were broadcasted by media outlets, have had an impact in the psychological warfare against the enemy. They have caused a severe shock among the enemy's public, and they witness to the extent of failure and defeat suffered by the enemies, despite their savage aggression against the Gaza Strip: Neither have they been able to retrieve their captives, nor have they ended the resistance, gained full control of the situation, or eliminated the mujahidin or their leaders. They failed in all the objectives they had declared. Moreover, they have been unable to break the will of the mujahidin and the patient, unwavering, steadfast, sacrificing society of Gaza.

In terms of the enemy's economic losses as a result of its aggression on the Gaza Strip and due to the Palestinian steadfastness and supporting fronts, its debts have increased, and they increase continuously and unprecedentedly. The Israeli enemy's debts have reached an unprecedented level. Furthermore, taxes increase to cover the costs of the aggression. Its aggression on Gaza requires a large budget, so it raises taxes, leading prices of various goods, including food, medicine, fuel, services, and others to rise. Additionally, the agricultural sector has deteriorated, which the enemy relies on and benefits from. A report published by an Israeli newspaper a few days ago confirms that 40% of workers in the agricultural sector have lost their jobs, that agriculture has stopped in 30% of the annually cultivated area, and that the overall damage in the agricultural sector reached 70%. This is a significant and substantial outcome. If it weren't for Palestinian resilience (the resilience of the mujahidin and the Palestinian people), the enemy would not have incurred such significant losses. As for the estate sector, there is a complete recession, ranging from 86% to 97%, and the losses in billions are estimated to be huge, with some statistics indicating losses exceeding $20 billion. These are enormous, significant losses.

This failure and defeat of the Israeli enemy is one the fruits of Palestinian resilience: the resilience of the mujahidin who have shown patience despite sacrifices, suffering, difficult circumstances, and the severe siege they endure, as well as of the resilience of the patient Palestinian people.

As for the supporting fronts, Hezbollah's operations on the Lebanese front are ongoing with quantitative and qualitative escalation. Their impact on the Israeli enemy in occupied northern Palestine is significant and increasing over time. That is why Israeli media outlets have likened the situation there (in northern Palestine) saying that the situation in the north had transformed into a war of attrition with extremely high costs paid by the Israeli army forces, which were in the north like ducks in a shooting range. Indeed, they describe their troops there as ducks in a shooting range. Thus, the Lebanese front is witnessing a significant and ongoing impact that affected the enemy in northern Palestine at all levels: at the level of the economy, the seized lands (called settlements) occupied by many Israelis, who had to flee from there due to the operations of Hezbollah. Many Israeli factories have also been damaged, and this damage has extended to various aspects.

The situation in Palestine—as for northern Palestine, it is significantly affected by the operations of Hezbollah. As for southern Palestine, including Umm Al-Rashrash (called by the enemy as Eilat), there is also a clear impact resulting from the operations of the Yemeni front and the Red Sea operations: the direct operations by missiles and drones targeting that area and the maritime operations, which have an impact on the enemy's situation in the occupied southern Palestine.

As for the front of Yemen (Yemen of faith, Jihad, wisdom, and loyalty), military operations are ongoing. The operations carried out during this week (with Allah's support) have reached eight operations in the Gulf of Aden, the Arabian Sea, and extended to the Indian Ocean, as well as operations targeting the southern territories of occupied Palestine. These operations involved the launch of thirty-three ballistic and winged missiles and drones. They targeted six ships affiliated with the Israeli, American, and British enemies in the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, the Arabian Sea, and the Indian Ocean. Additionally, some operations have been carried out against the Zionist enemy in Umm Al-Rashrash, south of the occupied Palestinian territories. The total number of targeted ships reached one hundred and seven ships affiliated with the Zionist and American enemies. With Allah's support, an armed American reconnaissance drone, MQ9—which is made in America—was also shot down in the airspace of Sa'ada Province. This is the third aircraft to be shot down during this period, and it is among the aircrafts heavily and primarily relied upon by the Americans in their hostile operations against our country.

The total number of operations carried out since the beginning of the Battle of the Al-Aqsa Flood has reached 156. These operations took place in the Red Sea, the Bab Al-Mandeb Strait, the Gulf of Aden, the Arabian Sea, and extending to the Indian Ocean, as well as in the southern territories of occupied Palestine. They were executed using a total of 606 ballistic and winged missiles and drones. Since the beginning of the supporting operation for the Battle of the Al-Aqsa Flood until Wednesday, 22 Shawwal[1], a total of 107 merchant and military ships associated with the Israeli, American, and British enemies were targeted, and three armed American reconnaissance aircraft were shot down. This is not to mention the targeting of Zionist enemy targets in occupied Palestine with a total of 111 ballistic and winged missiles and drones directed towards Israeli targets in Palestinian territories.

This week, it has become evident that the enemies are extremely disturbed and concerned about the operations that have extended to a new scene: the Indian Ocean. Neither America, nor Britain, nor the Israelis could have anticipated or imagined that our country would be capable of carrying out operations at such a great distance (this huge distance, the Indian Ocean) and against moving targets in the Indian Ocean. As it is known to military experts, these operations are indeed considered complex, significant operations that indicate advanced capabilities, thanks to Allah, the Almighty. Therefore, American and British newspapers have been raising their voices in response to these developments, expressing astonishment and surprise. They have been quoting statements from military experts, officers, and leaders in the US Navy and other military institutions, rather than ordinary journalists, as they speak about the significance of this development in our country's operations aimed at supporting the Palestinian people. They warn of the Yemeni threat to Israeli, American, and British ships in the Indian Ocean, expressing their concerns about Yemeni military capabilities and their very long range, precision, and ability to hit moving targets from a distance. They express their bewilderment towards this situation. Among the questions they raise: How was it possible [for these military operations to take place] despite the fact there is no naval fleet, satellites, or intelligence—or as they put it, maritime intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance elements—there to monitor, gather information, and assist in their precise execution? This is not to mention the fact that they were carried out against moving targets in the Indian Ocean, which is so vast that the Red Sea is considered a tiny pool in comparison to it due to its immense expanse. So they are astonished by this significant and influential development, which has an impact on them. That is because they have directed the movement of their ships away from the Red Sea towards the Cape of Good Hope, making that destination their primary focus. When strikes reached them there, they became extremely concerned about this development.

As for the developments related to the battle our people and armed forces are engaged in (the Battle of the Promised Conquest and the Holy Jihad), we have witnessed the withdrawal of more warships in the Red Sea: Ten American warships have withdrawn from the total number of American warships, along with eight European warships. This is also due to their sense of despair and complete failure in preventing and limiting our armed forces' operations or reducing their impact. They see themselves shooting and fighting, but without any result, without any effect, without any benefit. They are in a state of extreme fear and incurring a tremendous financial cost. All of this is because of the stubbornness and insistence of the Americans to continue the genocidal crimes against the Palestinian people, to maintain the siege on the people of Gaza, and to keep trucks held back from entering with sufficient food and necessary medical supplies. This American stubbornness is what has led to all of these consequences and the high cost, and it promises more problems in the future. The Americans now acknowledge in their recent statements the actual connection of our country's operations to the Gaza issue. This acknowledgment comes despite their previous attempts to deny this reality, which is evident to everyone and has been recognized by most countries that have commented on the events in the Red Sea and our operations in the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea, and even the Indian Ocean. It is widely known that these operations are aimed at supporting the Palestinian people, exerting pressure to allow food and medicine into Gaza, and stopping the genocidal crimes against the Palestinian people. This is a clear matter. However, the Americans, in the past stages, have been trying to deny this fact in their statements, comments, and even in their media. They attempted to portray the issue as separate. Now, they acknowledge that ending the aggression on Gaza and lifting the siege will extinguish, as they put it, other fires in the region, and in this context, they mention our country's operations in support of the Palestinian people and the operations of Hezbollah.

This is the truth. The real solution that is a right solution that can deescalate the situation and bring stability back to the region in general and that can help bring America, as well as Britain, out of the trouble they are currently in—such a trouble that keeps affecting the economic situation in America and Britain, not to mention the painful impact felt by the Israeli enemy, thanks to Allah—is to stop the aggression and siege against Gaza, as all of that is the result of this aggression and siege.

Also, in the same context that focuses on the impact of those operations carried out by our armed forces, the commander of the American destroyers—certainly, this is an American commander, or rather a naval commander, and not a journalist or news writer—said that Yemen represents the biggest challenge to the American Navy in modern history. This makes it clear how effective and impactful our country's naval operations are. This reveals that these operations are successful, impactful, and outstanding operations and that such operations achieve the intended goals and have an impact on the economic situation and other things. The Americans are astonished and amazed firstly by the Yemeni technology in developing missiles and drones and also by the tactics used in executing operations. Despite their efforts to prevent missile and drone launches and their extensive monitoring operations using satellites and surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft, they have failed to prevent the launching of missiles and drones. Furthermore, they have miserably failed to prevent them from hitting their targets. Recently, pictures have also been published this week showing a drone reaching a ship and hitting it with remarkable accuracy.

Due to the difficult situation faced by their officers and soldiers aboard their naval vessels in the Red Sea, the Americans have started announcing the granting of combat and military awards and decorations to any American soldier participating in the fighting in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. They are doing so in an attempt to encourage their soldiers to participate, as many of them have been avoiding, becoming disinterested, and experiencing great worry and fear about remaining in a state of continuous risk. They feel constant and persistent fear, reaching a terrible state in this regard.

Regarding the consequences of these operations on America, which, along with Britain, has entangled itself in the aggression on our country in support of the Israeli enemy so that it could continue its genocidal crimes against the Palestinian people and maintain the siege on the Gaza Strip, the economic consequences of their aggression on our country and the resulting operations carried out by our armed forces have caused them to suffer continuous economic losses, which even keep escalating more and more: Prices are rising, shipping costs are increasing, and now they find themselves in a predicament in the Indian Ocean. The trouble they are facing is getting more and more serious, and they now say that they are looking for other routes and means. This is a very significant problem for them, and it has become a major dilemma. Therefore, the solution lies in ceasing the aggression on the Gaza Strip and ending the siege on the Palestinian people in Gaza.

As for the Israeli enemy, there is a new wave this week of price hikes. Prices have been rising in previous stages, and this week there is a new wave of price hikes. They also predict additional waves of price hikes in various commodities: food, medicine, and civilian goods of all types. They are incurring this due to their savage, brutal, criminal, and very heinous aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Despite the hostile attacks carried out by America and Britain on our country, they continuously fail to limit or affect the operations of our armed forces. The hostile attacks on our country by America and Britain have reached, up until now (as we approach the end of the fourth month since the start of these attacks) four hundred and fifty airstrikes and naval bombardments. The number of martyrs has reached forty, and the wounded count stands at thirty-five in the Battle of the Promised Conquest and the Holy Jihad. This is, of course, in terms of the operations conducted by our country.

As for the popular activities and events, they continue to take place. Activities of all kinds are ongoing. However, before we proceed regarding our country, our front, and the role of our people, we must not overlook the important developments taking place in several African countries that witnessed genuine revolutions against American and European hegemony, against American colonization and occupation. There are significant developments, foremost among them being what is happening in Niger, as well as in several neighboring African countries: There is a movement taking place. In several African countries, people are waking up and exhibiting awareness. There is a free movement by peoples there to achieve complete liberation from American hegemony and the expulsion of American bases. These are highly significant signs because many countries, across different regions of the world, are now moving with a growing awareness and an awakening of conscience to achieve liberation from American hegemony and control.

The American policies, which are characterized by arrogance, aggression, and greed and interfere in the affairs of other countries in a way that harms these countries and targets their peoples—these colonial, aggressive, oppressive policies have negative consequences for America itself. There is a growing awareness that extends to many countries, and many peoples are now inclined towards liberation from American hegemony. This awareness is also growing internationally, with many countries shifting away from American hegemony, control, and influence. Unfortunately, we hope that some Arab countries will also adopt this direction. It is not fitting for Arab countries to lag behind and be backward in this movement, which is a liberating movement taking place in many countries and continents. In Latin America, in the African continent, and in Asia, many countries are adopting this important movement towards liberation, which is part of cosmic changes in human reality. However, some Arabs are still in a state of negligence and deep slumber, unaware of these important realities taking place on the ground.

African countries have suffered greatly over centuries, starting with the suffering caused by Europeans—suffering from their occupation, oppression, domination, and tyranny. What they did to Africans is truly horrific. The historical facts that we may address, by the will of Allah, in other occasions and speeches are filled with numerous details and extremely shocking truths that expose the infidel West. They expose the Europeans and the Americans for what they have done to Africans.

American bases have spread across many countries in the African continent, and European hegemony has also extended its control over African countries, from the north of the continent to its center in the Congo, and from its west in Senegal and Guinea to its east. Therefore, the recent developments in Niger and other countries can motivate the rest. We hope that this will, Allah willing, motivate some Arab countries because the Islamic world and Arab countries are the most affected in these stages by hostile American policies, which serve Zionism, driven by the affiliation to Zionism, and fueled by a desire to support the Israeli enemy, in spite of all its brutality, criminality, and aggression and the threats it poses to our Arab and Islamic Ummah. Therefore, we are the ones who should move with awareness.

As for our dear Yemeni people, they are moving with awareness, thanks to Allah. Their revolutionary movement is clear. The enmity some show towards our people and the ongoing American-Saudi aggression—which has not yet ended, has not been declared as over, and has not completely ceased according to a clear statement and agreement—is a reaction to our people's inclination towards liberation from American hegemony.

Our people have set an example in liberation and bravery, embodying their religious affiliation. Their fully embraced position and support for the Palestinian people is a result of the freedom experienced by our dear people, and it serves as an important lesson for other peoples.

As for the popular activities, they continue, and the turnout in the marches last Friday was significant and honorable and enjoyed the participation of millions of people, with marches reaching 181 marches in the capital, provinces, and directorates. Thanks to Allah, this steadfastness of our dear people and their continuity embodies their religious affiliation and the great values of faith and humanity our people and their loyal tribes possess: faithfulness, truthfulness, courage, chivalry, nobility, honour, and all other noble values that drive our dear people to perseverance and steadfastness in this great position they have distinguished themselves with. This is because their position is comprehensive, encompassing the military level and the popular level, as well as at the level of financial contributions and donations, which are ongoing despite the difficult circumstances—they are highly significant and should be kept, even according to what is available. This is not to mention the summer courses that continue to educate the young generation on principles, values, proper orientations, true freedom, and positions that are pleasing to Allah and also show concern for the issues of this Ummah, which we consider part of our religious and faith-based responsibilities.

This continuity, loyalty, and steadfastness first and foremost represent a great triumph and divine blessing. Currently, there are negotiations, a round of negotiations regarding the Israeli aggression on Gaza. If these negotiations, mediated by Qatar and Egypt, succeed and calm the situation in Gaza, it does not mean the end of the battle or the end of the conflict with the Israeli enemy. All it means is the completion of a round of escalation and conflict because the Israeli enemy is aggressive. They are as Allah described them in the Holy Quran, {'You see many of them rushing into sin and aggression'}[Al Maidah 5:62]. Therefore, our people have achieved a triumph and have also been successful, by the grace of Allah, in their continued perseverance, loyalty, and steadfastness until the end of this round, which has not yet concluded. To greatly and honourably attend the demonstration tomorrow in millions is still important and necessary. It indeed continues to be important and necessary.

But even when we reach the end of this round, it means that the conflict continues, and our dear people, with their great position in this round, their steadfastness, and their continuity, will qualify, Allah willing, for something greater in terms of military action and popular movement. They will qualify for something greater and more effective in the upcoming rounds, which are inevitable.

The conflict with the Israeli enemy is inevitable because it practices occupation, usurpation, aggression, criminality, and injustice. This conflict will only end with the elimination of that enemy from the land of Palestine and the complete liberation of all Palestinian land.

Finishing some rounds or reaching ceasefire does not mean the end of the conflict. Therefore, in this round, we will continue our effort. Our dear people will continue their effort. They will never stop as long as this round of Israeli aggression and tyranny continues. Our people stand shoulder to shoulder with the Palestinian people: You are not alone, and we are with them until victory. Our dear people's steadfastness in this round continues, and they also qualify, as we mentioned, for greater and grander rounds to come until the divine promise is fulfilled by granting victory to the oppressed servants of Allah and the eradication of Israeli control over Palestine.

We are also preparing for a fourth round of escalation. In other words, if the Israeli enemy persists stubbornly, along with the support of America, we are preparing for a fourth round of escalation in confronting the enemy. By the grace of Allah, we have made progress from one stage to another in the process of escalation and the development of military capabilities. Therefore, I hope, Allah willing, that the turnout tomorrow in demonstrations and marches in the capital Sana'a and the provinces will be a significant and honourable turnout, where millions of people participate, as it has been in previous weeks. I also hope that it will emphasize and declare the preparation for the fourth round of escalation, warning the Americans against their ongoing stubbornness and the continuation of the savage aggression and siege on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and making it clear to them that the consequences and repercussions of this will escalate more fires. If the Americans described what is happening as fires, then these fires will escalate further and further if they insist on the continuation of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip and the continuation of the siege on the Palestinian people in Gaza.

I call upon our dear people to hugely participate in the turnout tomorrow in the declared rally points in the capital Sana'a and the rest of the provinces according to the planed arrangements.

I ask Allah o hasten the victory and relief for the oppressed Palestinian people and to grant us victory. O Allah (Glory be to You), have mercy on our virtuous martyrs, heal the wounded among us, set free our captives, and grant us victory. You are All-Hearing!

Peace be upon you and the mercy of Allah and His blessings.


[1] 22 Shawwal this year (1445) corresponds to 1 May 2024 in the Gregorian calendar.

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