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This page is the English version of Almasirah Media Network website and it focuses on delivering all leading News and developments in Yemen, the Middle East and the world. In the eara of misinformation imposed by the main stream media in the Middle East and abroad, Almasirah Media Network strives towards promoting knowledge, principle values and justice, among all societies and cultures in the world

Sayyed Abdulmalik Warns of Exceptional Surprises in the Face of US-UK-Israeli Aggression

Yemen: The talk locally, regionally, and internationally about the upcoming surprises from Yemen is increasing. What the Yemeni Armed Forces have in store, which has not yet been utilized in the confrontation with the triad of America, Britain, and Israel, is becoming a subject of speculation.

In his recent speech, the leader of the Yemeni Revolution, Sayyed Abdulmalik al-Houthi stated, "We have surprises that the enemies would never expect. They will be very surprising to both foes and friends, effective and impactful surprises. We do not want to talk about them because we want them to start in action, then we will follow up with words."

This warning reveals the establishment of a new phase in the context of the confrontation with Yemen's enemies who have crossed all boundaries and red lines. It signifies a stage beyond, propelling Yemen to a revered position among world nations.

In this context, Ambassador Abdulilah Hajar, the advisor to the President of the Supreme Political Council, said that the leader Sayyed Abdulmalik has a far-reaching vision and evaluation of the American, British,and Israeli enemy's situation. He recognized that everything they do is an attempt to deter Yemen from its principled stance regarding the genocide happening in Palestine.

Hajar added in a statement to "Almasirah" that Sayyed Abdulmalik understands the maneuvering and political lies propagated by this enemy. Their continuous attempts aim to divert Sanaa from its principled stance through various means, starting with temptations and incentives related to Yemen's situation, lifting the blockade on Yemen, and stopping the Saudi-Emirati aggression. 

He affirmed that "when Sayyed Abdulmalik speaks, everyone knows that he only speaks the truth, and what he says, he does. Many times, he takes action before announcing it," indicating his sincerity, trustworthiness, and commitment to his people. When he warns them, they know it comes from complete confidence in God, confidence in his armed forces and capabilities, and confidence in his people.

Hajar referred to the earlier statement by the leader, saying, "The enemy has many weaknesses, and we know them." There is no doubt that the continuation of escalation and aggression against Yemen will lead to targeting the many weaknesses possessed by the enemy. This warning is known by both the enemy and the friend.

He continued: "As accustomed, he reveals many unexpected surprises related to Yemen's military capabilities. No one imagined that the Yemeni Armed Forces, with their naval forces, could impose a blockade on the Zionist entity and on those supporting it from major powers calling themselves great, considering themselves permanent members of the Security Council."

He added: "They managed not only to stop their ships but also reached a point where they could target American warships, something that has not happened since World War II." 

Referring to the grand military parade on the 21st of September revolution last year and the modern weaponry witnessed, especially effective maritime weapons. Now we see ships being sunk, and governments that dared to attack Yemen and Palestine cannot even rescue themselves.

He emphasized that when Sayyed Abdulmalik bin warns, his warning becomes a reality. These countries could have avoided what is greater than the current breakdown of their strength and capabilities against Yemeni capabilities, as well as political defeat, domestically and internationally, evident in the criticism by the US Congress of Biden's administration and the British people protesting against their country's positions, supporting Yemen's stance against the Zionist entity.

He concluded: "The recent period gives a lesson to anyone with compassion and awareness that the Yemeni people are determined, and their leadership is determined to stop the aggression and lift the siege on the Palestinian people. We are confident in God, our wise leadership, and our confidence that God will not break His promise."

Exceptional Surprises

The enemies realize that what is coming will not be easy for their adventures in Yemen, meaning we are entering a new stage that will change the face of the region.

Here, military affairs researcher Zain al-Abidin Othman said that the warning issued by the leader Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi against the American, British, Zionist aggression alliance is considered one of the strongest military warnings since the beginning of the confrontation. This is especially true since it includes an explicit announcement of exceptional surprises that will occur in battle, shocking both enemies and friends.

Othman stated that the leader, as with all his warnings, acts before speaking, emphasizing that this announcement marks the inauguration of a new phase, a pivotal moment in the confrontation. It sets a new threshold for the operational hell that Yemen’s Armed Forces will implement during the next stage.

He added that expanding the circle of operations and strikes in terms of quantity and type, exceeding the worst scenarios expected by the American and British enemies, means that the upcoming operations will be unconventional. For the first time, tactical and strategic weapons will be applied to deliver blows that break bones.

He asserted that as long as the American and British enemy continues to escalate and commit aggression against Yemen, supporting the Zionist entity in the crimes of genocide in Gaza, Yemen and its people, with the full readiness and ideal capabilities, possess the technology today, thanks to God, advanced missile technology, air, and naval power. This includes ballistic missiles, anti-ships, high-speed boats, and submarines, which are formidable strengths.

Recently, Sayyed Abdulmalik, in a televised speech, threatened that the US-UK escalation will not benefit, but it will have consequences on them, and they will suffer economically.

“Only way to stop Yemen's naval operations is to end Israeli aggression and siege on Gaza,” he affirmed.

Addressing the Israeli-US-UK aggression: “What is to come will be greater in every sense of the word. We continue to develop our military capabilities”.

Since the start of the offensive, the Tel Aviv regime has killed over 30,000 Palestinians and injured more than 72,000 others.

The Yemeni Armed Forces have announced preventing the Israeli-bounded ships from reaching the occupied Palestine through the Red Sea and Bab Al-Mandab until the Israeli aggression is stopped and the siege on Gaza is lifted.

The maritime attacks have forced some of the world’s biggest shipping and oil companies to suspend transit through one of the world’s most important maritime trade routes.

Tankers are instead adding thousands of miles to international shipping routes by sailing around the continent of Africa rather than going through the Suez Canal.

The US and Britain have been carrying out strikes against Yemen after Washington and its allies offered the Tel Aviv regime their unqualified support and said that Yemeni forces bear the consequences of their attacks against Israeli-linked ships sailing to and from the occupied territories.

The Yemeni Armed Forces have said they won’t stop retaliatory strikes.


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This page is the English version of Almasirah Media Network website and it focuses on delivering all leading News and developments in Yemen, the Middle East and the world. In the eara of misinformation imposed by the main stream media in the Middle East and abroad, Almasirah Media Network strives towards promoting knowledge, principle values and justice, among all societies and cultures in the world

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